Nano Drive with MTV

Do you crave Exciting, Adventurous and Thrilling Road Trips?

NANO Drive with MTV

If you do… hold your breath, sit back b’coz here we go with the Sensational Second Season of Nano drive.

After the incredible success of the first season, Nano Drive with MTV brings an ultimate social Road trip with Double the fun, double the adventure, packed with experiences that will get your pulse racing!

BlogAdda presents an exclusive Wildcard Entry for 3 Bloggers to be among the 24 contestants who will be a part of this drive.

To get started on this incredible journey, write about your favourite road trip; what made it memorable and why you love travelling. Make sure your entries are fun, quirky and showcase the vagabond in you!

Kindly include this code to make your entry eligible for the contest.

Get a Wildcard entry to Nano Drive with MTV at

Out of the entries that we receive, three bloggers will get a chance to be among the 24 shortlisted ones.

One outstanding entry will be shortlisted and announced, by MTV, on each of the following 3 dates:

  • 13/05/2013
  • 17/05/2013
  • 21/05/2013

These 3 qualifying bloggers will then have to submit a video entry* to be an eligible participant among the 24 shortlisted by MTV.

The selected 24 will then be featured on for the next round after which the final 12 would be selected for the Nano drive.

We would want you to be selected for the final 12. As BlogAdda members, you’ll enjoy our complete support to help you become a part of the pool of Final 12 contestants who will experience 21 days of non stop fun, adventure, discovering new places and cultures as you travel across the length and breadth of the country!

Don’t Miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Remember, the quicker you write, the more the votes you stand to get, which would lead you in the final 12. For more details on this, visit

35 Replies to “Nano Drive with MTV”

  1. This is exciting!! I never win exciting contests! But I will try!

  2. @shrinidhi Thanks for your wishes as always. 🙂
    @abhyudhaya It can happen anytime. 🙂

  3. Hi..friends, Proud to say of owner Nano special edition 20/12/2012. Now complite around 13000/- km. Ones long journey with Jamnagar (Gujarat) to Agra (Uttar Pradesh) return with around 3200 km. Out standing fuel economy, its 34 per k.m. Mind blowing performance and outstending class in air-condition. Its realy feel a small SUV.

  4. Hi admins,

    Wanted to check if old blog entries are allowed. Please clarify. Thanks.

  5. @Ragini You have to republish a post to a current date and add the necessary code to make the post eligible. Look forward to the post.

  6. Hi ,

    This is exciting n awesome .. I too wanna be a part of this . Need to know the process. As I have never posted anything bt do have pics of those lovely n funny trips. Traveling is my passion. Don’t wanna miss this .. Pls guide !!!

  7. I neither do have a video of mine nor do I blog but yet I assure to be a competitive enough if a chance provided to me …

  8. @Ragini Your blog is now approved. 🙂 You can submit more entries via the blog you prefer. )

  9. I would like to participate in this contest but i am not quite sure how to go about it.I do have an experience of travelling on a limited budget and would like to bring in my own nano as i am comfortable driving it.i have organized a lot of road trips with my friends and i am well versed with all the technicalities.So, i feel i am the perfect candidate who will not only drive safe but will have ample amount of money left at the end of the tour.please vote for me as i need all the support that i can gather and make my dream come true, as i want to participate only for the experience and not the nano ,for i already have one.

  10. Hi,

    I am confident that even if I can showcase only 10% of the craziness I have for Travel, I should be in. I am not blessed with lot of money to travel everywhere I want to, but then I m lucky to have skills to spend money in a sense that I can travel every “here, there and one day everywhere.” My way of traveling doesn’t need comfort,
    I mix travel with adventure, toughness, craziness, fun, conversations and entertainment (Believe me I am a entertainer).

    Once you visit my Facebook profile and the page ( I have created ( you’ll know what I am talking about.

    Despite not having a good Camera for video recording, I tried to capture things in a best possible way.

    You can check them on the link below:

    This video was captured in one of our outings in Rishikesh.

    You can go through the pics I have taken in our Kinnaur trip in 2011. This is just an example. I have also created a page on facebook called TravelNadventure (, where I share all the information and pics about the places I have visited. I have explored places like Kinnaur, Kedarnath, Rishikesh, Chopta, Rohtang and many others.

    Link for Videos:

    I am ready to do whatever it takes to be the part of this journey. Please give me a chance.

  11. @sunil You have to blog about it. Start a blog now, if you don’t have one already and submit your post before midnight. 🙂

  12. Can I still participate in this contest? What is the time before which i should submit my entry?

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