BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr 9, ’13

Tangy Tuesday Picks

It is not  –  the Happiness, if it cannot be spread; the Love, if it cannot lull a sobbing heart; an Eye, if it cannot read the emotions of a lover… and… It is not Tuesday if it cannot accompany Tangy Picks with it from Indian Bloggers at

    • Who: Seema Goswami
      What: Mind your manners
      Tangy: “What are good manners? And is there a bare minimum that we can all agree on in an effort to keep the wheels of social discourse running smoothly?”

    • Who: Mohan
      What: If only we cared…
      Tangy:  “The outside smells formed a perfect antidote to my craving, and was a ready example of the paradox that life in Mumbai represents.”

    • Who: Shashank Tiwari
      What: Cricket Vs I-Pee-L
      Tangy: “Our own Siddhu paaji can speak on anything under the sun. He seriously needs to take some inspiration from Manmohan Singh. I mean, what is he, a woman?…  And Star plus nayi soch award in IPL? Are you frigging kidding me?”

    • Who: Divanshu Goyal
      What: मैं एक वृक्ष हूँ
      Tangy: “जड़ें भी बेहद कमज़ोर हो चली हैं,
      खड़ा रहता हूँ मगर,
      शायद कोई मेरा मोल पूछ ले।”

    • Who: Privytrifles
      What: Metro Diaries – Unloving you
      Tangy: The flower shed a quiet tear in pain… ” Beauty is to be admired, this world is full of beautiful things how can I not admire each one of them!” 

    • Who:Tushar Kumar Singh
      What: 1984 by George Orwell:Manifestations in our Era I
      Tangy: “If you ever wondered what could be the ostensible source of the concept used by reality shows like Big Brother and Bigg Boss, it was this book and its verses.”

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