BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar 26, ’13

Tangy Tuesday Picks
Festival of holi is waiting to drench you with showers of bright colours and fill you with sheer exuberance. While you prepare for those exciting moments, here we are with Tangy Tuesday Picks from the Indian Bloggers to add to your fun and amusement. Relish the wonderful colours of life. Blogadda wishes you a very Happy and Joyous Holi. 🙂

    • Who: Filmi Girl
      What: TOIFA, payola, and the straw that broke Filmi Girl’s back
      Tangy: “I love heroes and heroines but I’ve come to loathe the manufactured gasbags who populate the films of the Bollywood Industrial Complex exactly as much as the ones who populate the Hollywood Industrial Complex. Finally, something is on par with Hollywood.”

    • Who: Shitika
      What: Everlasting Love
      Tangy: “He still comes to the park every time it drizzles, with the hope to see your glistening face. He watches the rain kiss your virgin skin before he can… He isn’t the most handsome and the most successful man around. He isn’t too tall or too dark. But he is just… perfect, for you.”

    • Who: Priya Bhakaran
      What: A wonderful Rama waiting for devotees!
      Tangy: In a separate enclosure, lies the 19 feet Sri Rama on a seven hooded Adisesha, with Sita Devi and Hanuman at his feet. The sight of the absolutely handsome Rama, resting so gracefully, literally takes your breath away… Sri Raghava Bhattar narrated the story of how Rama came to rest here, in this position.”

    • Who: Ashitha
      What: Space talks…
      Tangy: “They know all this.
      And still they say, “Move on…”What are we?
      Notes written on sand waiting until the waves wash it away? Or Leaves murmuring in the wind unknowing of its fall arriving in autumn?”

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