BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 16, ’13

Spicy SaturdayHomework! Today people are talking about it. The Homework that some Aussies didn’t do. Shikhar Dhawan is on a roll. While many of you are watching his majestic innings or plan to watch the highlights, we present the Spicy Saturdays Picks. This is the perfect occasion to be back. No? Read the amazing posts from the Indian Bloggers this week. 

    • Who: Ahsanul Haq Chishti
      What: ‘A language will die with me’
      Spicy:  As you sit here by me, you’re just like my mother,”
      she tells me. I imagine her: a bride in Kashmir,
      she’s watching at the Regal, her first film with Father.
      If only I could gather you in my arms, Mother,
      I’d save you – now my daughter – from God. The universe
      opens its ledger. I write: How helpless was God’s mother!

    • Who: Doctoratlarge
      What: From Traffic Rules To Ruling The Traffic
      Spicy: “In a world where nobody is playing by the rules, you stand out like a sore thumb if you insist on playing by them. And its a natural human tendency to hurt a sore thumb further, especially if it belongs to someone else”.

    • Who: Kriti Kandhari
      What: Strange? but it is TRUE!
      Spicy: “So many people still believe that a girl invites trouble for herself, because she dresses in a certain way. But no one asks as to who gave the right to take it as an Invitation after all? …………………………….. True respect comes with open mind only because it is then you accept someone with his/her dignity, maintaining their self respect and yours too. If a child understands this, he/she will never grow to be a criminal, may what comes”.

    • Who: Varsha Joshi
      Spicy: “This is the kind of story, and the kind of message, every girl and boy must get exposed to before they start a love life. Too many lifetimes have been wasted by people just because no one told them. Strange? but it is TRUE!”

    • Who: Naman Ramchandra
      What: The Making of the ‘Superstar’
      Spicy:  “Starring Superstar Rajinikanth ‘Muthu‘, Meena and Elephants!” Upon Kandaswamy’s suggestion, Rajinikanth was billed as the Indian Jackie Chan and was promoted across Japan thus, feeding off the Hong Kong star’s immense popularity in the country.

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