BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar 12, ’13

Tangy Tuesday Picks
The Marines go back to Italy and then decide to never come back. The Government just keeps on watching. The opposition cries foul. What next? No one knows. Don’t think. Just read the best blog posts from the Indian bloggers in our weekly picks and discover amazing bloggers. Ready?

    • Who: Pradyumna Ray
      What: Refresher of Mind
      Tangy: “Let’s look into the history and see that we never were averse to anything and that made us into a golden bird. Acceptance and acceptability created a great nation and the only way to gain that state back is to create an accepting and nurturing nation; the hints of which can be felt through the culinary delights that come out of humble kitchens.”

    • WhoRamakant Pradhan
      What: Gudiya Sambhrama
      Tangy: “An attempt to take the classical arts back to the temples and in the process reduce the ever growing chasm between today’s generation and our rich culture.”

    • Who: Ramaswamy VK
      What: The ‘Parent’ Trap
      Tangy: In fact she was enjoying all the attention from a couple of smitten admirers from across the two Oceans (The Atlantic and Indian Ocean).

    • Who: Subhorup Dasgupta
      What: Mummy, What is Rape?
      Tangy: “The whole complicated system of how and why this attraction works is clubbed under the blanket term of sex.”

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