Men are from Mars and Women…

My husband and I! Are we really from different planets, I mused one day. John Gray believed so and he explored this facet in his bestselling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. He said men and women have such different needs and expectations that they may as well be from different planets. This is with reference to the emotional behaviour in relationships.

Both of us are essentially different from each other emotionally as well as physically. Now take the example of our hair, a physical feature both of us have. Anatomically, male and female hairs are similar, yet the two appear to be from different planets.

And that’s because the skin from where they originate or grow are different. The husband has a thicker skin which has larger pores and more active sweat glands as compared to my skin. I remember reading this somewhere that the male hormones or androgens stimulate the growth of hair in both men and women. Higher androgen levels in men make the hair thicker and coarser and also increases the occurrence of hair per square centimetre. While the women usually have less overall body hair and their hair are softer and thinner as compared to men.

All this talk of hair, reminds me of few words written by Samuel Goodman Hoffenstein

“Babies haven’t any hair; Old men’s heads are just as bare;
From the cradle to the grave, Lies a haircut and a shave.”

Shave!! Aah! This makes me wonder, do the differences in the hair of men and women translate in different shaving needs too?

I believe, Yes! Men and Women have different shaving needs!

  • For example, I as a woman would be shaving a larger surface area as compared to my husband. That’s because, I shave my legs, arms, underarms, while he shaves only his face!
  • Sensitivity of the skin area to be shaved matters too. Many a times, I see razor burns or rashes on my husband’s face if he shaves in a hurry and in the process shaves against the grain. While I can shave against the grain on my legs, as the skin here is less sensitive as compared to the face ingrown hair.
  • The texture and thickness of hair is different too. The thicker hair on the beard area is more difficult to remove and the re-growth is more noticeable and more pronounced by evening in husband’s case, while my soft hairs are simple and easy to remove with a razor.
  • The technique or the process of shaving is different too and this usually depends on the body area that needs to be shaved.
  • The husband needs a ‘close shave’ to get that clean look while I need a shave that glides gently over a wide area of thin hair.

Shaving as an activity, though is same for the husband and me but the process and techniques, reasons and rationale are different for both.  It can be safely concluded that even for shaving needs, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!!

Shilpa Garg is an observer of life, things and circumstances. Her writing reflects a K.I.S.S. and a K.I.C.K. Well, not literally… She prefers Keeping It Short and Sweet & Keeping It Crisp and Keen. Shilpa has worked for more than a decade as a pharmaceutical professional. She is now a blogger and freelance writer and softs skills facilitator. She blogs at

11 Replies to “Men are from Mars and Women…”

  1. WOW!!Some analysis that is… Not entirely sure if Men are from Mars and women from Venus, but they are sure are very different from one another , this variety is what spices up life 🙂

  2. Men and women are different from each other. In fact, every person (irrespective of the gender) is different from one another. That’s what gives variety to the world and I guess it should be solving the purpose of whomever created us. I feel that we cannot come to any instant decision on whether this variety is good or bad.

  3. Loved the whole analysis Shilpa and the way you narrated it is very intriguing. The quote by Samuel Goodman is very apt. BTW, I love your philosophy of keeping it short, crisp and keen. 🙂

  4. Wow Shilpa you are a super writer.Whatever comes out of your pen is unique. Your description of the growth of hair is matchless. Why dont you write some tips for new bloggers? I am sure it will go a long way in improving the quality of blogs in general.

  5. @ Reshma : Thanks Reshma, glad you liked it! Oh yes, they say that the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet, which is so true for men and women! 😀

  6. Enjoyed reading the details of difference in the hair.. men and women…we are different forever

  7. @ Usha Menon : Ah! Ma’am you are so extravagant in your praise! Thank you so much! 🙂

    @ Manjulika : Glad you liked reading this post, Manjulika. Thanks. They say, men and women are really two cultures and their life experiences are utterly different. 🙂

  8. beautifully articulated! whatever said men and women cannot be equals, we are distinct and have our own plus and minus like any other being in the universe. BTW amazed at your writing skills:)

  9. @ Asha : True. Katharine Hepburn had said, ‘sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then’!! 😀
    Thanks a lot, Asha for the warm words. 🙂

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