‘Divine Is You’ Contest

He: Let us go for a long drive today.
She: Where to?
He: To a place where its just you and me with only the moon watching us.

Gillette Satin Care Contest

She: (thinks in her mind) ‘I wish I had done my hair removal before going out. He has the clean shaven look. What do I do?

At your adda, we have another brand new contest for you.

Include this line  ‘I wish I/she had opted for my/her hair removal’ in your blogpost.

Let us start writing! Let us start the new year with your stories.  Open the taps of creativity and let your emotions flow. :)  The entries can be humorous, witty or even emotional. You can include photos as a part of the story.


  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini
  • A voucher worth Rs 400 for first 50 eligible entries*.

Some of the examples of the post would be:

  • A post about any funny incident where you cleverly include the above line.
  • A poem for the ones who are really very creative.
  • Begin a post with this line and take the story forward.

Include this code to make the post eligible.

Ciick here and copy the code

This post is a part of the <a href="http://www.satincare.com/" title="Gillette Satin Satin Care" target="_blank">Gillette Satin Care</a> contest in association with <a href="http://www.blogadda.com" title="BlogAdda.com" target="_blank">BlogAdda.com </a>

The Gillette Lady @divineisyou is taking in questions at Conversations! Participate now!

The last date for this contest is Jan 30th 2013. 🙂

* T&C Apply

106 Replies to “‘Divine Is You’ Contest”

  1. wow! another contest and I am all geared in for this .The gifts are alluring as with the previous Gillette contest and I am now tweeting about this contest to my friends too 🙂

  2. To be clear the above post is my entry for the contest:) I have One query. Can we post more than one entry ? if the other entries are also in first 50 will the participant be given 2 vouchers ?

  3. I had written my entry to the contest, which I have posted earlier here. Unfortunately, wordpress my host, deleted the blog post saying Im advertising a product(coz I added Gillette in the title). So I had to export my entire blog from wordpress to blogger 🙁 So here’s my blogpost, the same one which I had posted earlier in this thread itself, but now its on Blogger. So much for participating in a contest!


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