BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct 9, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe allegations against Congress chief Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law are true or not? By the time the suspense regarding this controversy over Mr. Vadra’s business deals with realty major DLF unveils, you can read this week’s best blog posts at your adda from the Indian Blogging community. They are informative as well as interesting. So, here we go!

    • Who: Ashwini
      What: Of Raised Voices and Intimidating Persona.
      Tangy All of us have been bullied at some given point of time. For many, ‘bullying’ might be just a simple joke, but it may turn out to be a traumatic situation for the one who gets bullied. Ashwini believes that it is necessary for us to stand for ourselves and learn to say NO. What else does she think? Read here.

    • WhoMuktadhara Ray
      WhatIn this big,bad world!
      TangyMuktadhara has written a poetry which portrays the present situation of this world. Filled with enormous feelings, this post talks about the ‘real’ big bad world. Read and empathize.

    • WhoSiddharth Gupta
      WhatMere Baap Ka Hai-Dynasty Politics in India
      Tangy Today, the word ‘scam’ has been used as a synonym for ‘politics’. We all are so accustomed to reading about scams and scandals to such an extent that these things don’t shock us anymore. It is obviously not something we should be proud about. Just like everyone else, Siddharth also grieves for the future of politics of India and hopes that we change soon! Get a reality check by reading this post.

    • Who: Jessy John
      What10 Things About God’s Own Country
      Tangy Which state is called as ‘God’s own country’? Yes, you are absolutely right! It’s Kerala. Here is a list of things observed by Jessy during her recent visit there. Read to find out how unique and interesting this state is. So, let’s virtually visit this mallu land. 🙂

    • Who: Khoty Mathur
      WhatThe Language of Crusaders
      Tangy:   ‘Corruption’ a word we all are familiar or to say more then familiar with. The writer of this posts believes that things can change so it is necessary to avoid doing things that causes problems, rather nip the bad mouthing right now. A brilliant, informative post. Must read!

    • WhoRoshni
      What: Co-sleeping part two!!
      Tangy Putting your child to sleep is one of the toughest tasks; all parents would agree. Recently, Roshini had an unique but equally sweet experience when she put down her kids to sleep. Curious to know what is was? Read on then.

    • WhoAlka Gurha
      What Status update- Readers Envy Writers Pride
      Tangy ‘Like’, ‘Comment, ‘Share’: these three words have immensely affected our lives. Yes, social media has taken over our normal living. When you hit a ‘Like’, two people simultaneously get affected. Who are these people? Read to know.

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