BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul 17, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘India to resume cricket ties with Pak, host ODIs in Dec’. Do you think we should be open to resuming bilateral ties? Do you think this is the correct step? Let us know. Also read the wonderful posts from the Indian Bloggers this week and let us know what you think. There are some amazing posts waiting to be read.

    • Who: The Local Tea Party
      What: Can we end this?
      Tangy: This post by Local Tea Party clearly shows how a father should imbibe thoughts in his sons head. The writer is asking all fathers to teach their sons to respect the pride and dignity of a woman. and that there is NO bigger crime then disgracing woman’s integrity.

    • Who: Vidyut
      What: Some questions about the Guwahati molestation
      Tangy: Vidyut has a few questions regarding the Guwahati molestation case, She highlights the way in which the media loves sensationalizing every single event. And the main question that arises here is ‘what is more important for a reporter: journalistic ethics or humanity’?

    • Who: Neha
      What: When words get murdered
      Tangy: Neha explains the present condition of English language and the way in which it is being butchered by all. SMS-ing every now and then and constant use of internet has unknowingly imbibed a habit within everyone to use abbreviations every single time you type a sentence, be it professionally and obviously, when typed casually.

    • Who:The hungryreader
      WhatI Read.
      Tangy: Vivek lives to read or reads to live. Every single aspect of the his life, smaller or bigger, is associated with reading. Read this post to know how and why..

    • Who: Sukupedia
      WhatYour Relationship with God – Personal or Public Agenda??
      Tangy:  Sunita believes that RELIGION is not at all bigger then God! Children are been constantly triggered or made aware of term ‘Religion’, even when they don’t have any slightest knowledge of the same. And since the writer has clearly understood that Religion is nothing but a myth, today, she finds himself much closer to God then ever before. Read!

    • Who: Roshni Paul
      WhatTo Rain, With Love!” Part 1
      Tangy: This post by Roshni paul describes how rains mesmerizes the writer. Rains, according to the writer, indeed gives every individual memories to cherish. Be it as a kid or today, as a grown up individual, she still enjoys rains!

    • Who: American Punjaban
      WhatThe Simple Life – Who Fares Better?
      Tangy:  American Punjaban basically focuses on the definition of the word ‘SIMPLE’ and here she compares the living culture in India and how it is different in US. According to her, life in US is much ‘simpler’ because there customs and traditions aren’t as rigid as they are in India and more importantly Indians worry about tomorrow unlike Americans who produce to live for today. What do you think?

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