BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 14, ’12

Spicy Saturday Shame on all those Men who still see Women as sex objects. Do they forget that their very reason of existence is due to a woman? Hearing and seeing such things around us makes sad & shamefui of the times that we live in. Indian Bloggers have their thoughts & views on this & many other topics this week. Read them now.

    • Who: Prashanth
      WhatWhy Molestation is a Bigger Problem than Terrorism
      Spicy: Prashanth in this post tells us why he thinks molestation is bigger problem thatn terrorism. Prashant says ‘Because in terrorism people die once, but because of molestation, girls/women die every day and at every single minute.’ Agree?

    • Who: Nabanita
      WhatBruised & Battered!
      Spicy: Of all things upon earth that bleed and grow, A herb most bruised is woman.- EURIPIDES. This is how Nabanita starts the post. Another heartfelt post on the recent Guwahati incident. Must read.

    • Who: Sandeep
      WhatIt’s all about Winning Elections
      Spicy: Sandeep, in this post analyzes the political situation in Karnataka. Is it all about winning the elections? Read and let him know your views.

    • Who: Saurin Parikh
      What: The Accidental Death
      Spicy: Saurin Parikh has this short fiction story which you have to savour & devour. Beautifully crafted & written. A sure read.

    • Who: Deepak Karamungikar
      What: The Hunt
      Spicy: Another brilliantly written story by Deepak. Set across different cities, it is a journey with a twist. Read.

    • Who: Malini Rajesh
      What: A Tonga Ride in Bijapur
      Spicy: Tonga rides are always exciting because it is one form of transportation where you can connect with the people in the streets and have the time to study them. Malini discovers Bijapur in a Tonga beautifully described & chronicled in this post.

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