BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul 10, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksEarlier in the the day we wrote about the different and varied styles of reporting of various major newspapers for a single incident. None of them could ascertain the correct facts. Why this discrepancy in reporting? Why not report the correct facts? We wonder. Let us now read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who: Sudhir
      What: Higgs boson and Indian TV media
      Tangy: Talking about media, here is an example on how a scientific discovery can be sensationalized with live examples. A must read post to start with by Sudhir.

    • Who: Mediacrooks
      What: The Union Of Snakes
      Tangy: Mediacrooks has this very interesting post composed of interesting similies and metaphors on various characters from the Indian Political scene. Read.

    • Who: Akil
      What: Mom, Your Son Killed Me.
      Tangy: Whatay composition. Akil, you have composed this splendidly. Keep writing and friends, read this for sure.

    • Who:Vishal Khandelwal
      WhatAn Open Letter to My Daughter
      Tangy: A dad writing an open letter to his daughter. Do we need to say more? Vishal has expressed his feelings beautifully which makes this post a sure read.

    • Who: Akanksha
      WhatA not-so-open letter to Mr Khan
      TangyDear Mr Khan, Even though our eyes never met, it was still, love at first sight.And second, and third.I fall in love with you, all over again, every time I see you. This is a brief trailer of the post that you are going to read from Akanksha. Encourage her.

    • Who: Pepper
      WhatOn rain
      Tangy: Every season has its own charm and every one have an experience to remember for every season. Pepper is here with a post on Rains and her experiences. A post you will enjoy reading.

    • Who: Aditya Kesavaraju
      WhatCollege of gangs- A short story
      Tangy:  Another brilliant story from Aditya about college life and some of the things that one experiences there. A sure read.

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