BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 7, ’12

Spicy SaturdayWe all are artists, musicians, dancers, writers. Everything else is just a way to pay bills – Rehab Chougle.

Rehab Choughle, you will be missed. Rest in peace. You taught us yesterday that in life, we never know what is going to happen next. At one moment you are smiling and the next moment you are gone. It is true when one says life is unpredictable. Live every moment and do your best. Be happy and keep others around you happy. You may not get another chance to do so. Time to read some wonderful posts from the Indian Bloggers this week.

    • Who: Reema Prasanna
      Spicy: As we said earlier, goodbye’s are the most difficult thing to say and do in life. When you have to say Goodbye to someone who has left this world, you cannot fathom how much emotions it takes to do so. Reema has this post which you have to read.

    • Who: Vikas Singh
      WhatWhere are we?
      Spicy: Education system in India & startup culture in India. How is it linked and why it should be linked. An excellent post by Vikas.

    • Who: Haricharan
      WhatThe City in Celluloid: Tribute to Chennai
      Spicy: Chennai and Tamil cinema share a relationship that is older than Monte Real, one of the oldest wines is how the post starts. Haricharan chronicles the Tamil Cinema in this must bookmark post.

    • Who: KayEm
      WhatDoes Multiculturalism Breed Intolerance?
      Spicy: What do you think? Does Multiculturalism breed intolerance? KayEm has this guest post on Purba’s blog. Read & let her know your views.

    • Who: Sugandha
      What: He Got Drunk, He Got Sunk
      Spicy: We have a very interesting post by Sugandha. We don’t want to reveal much as it will spoil the fun. You just have to read it.

    • Who: Irfanuddin
      What: Save humanity….
      Spicy“Let us work honestly to save humanity from humans”. Irfanuddin has this must read post. Another post that we don’t want to reveal much on.

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  1. Thanks a lot Blogadda team for featuring my post here, its indded a matter of pride for me and i am feeling honored…..
    will visit other featured blogs soon, Thanks again…. 🙂


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