BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 25, ’12

Spicy SaturdayThe ministry has not taken any position on homosexuality. It has also not given any instruction apart from conveying the decision of the cabinet, says the Home Ministry. How do you react with such news? What are your views? Share your views and read what the blogosphere is buzzing about this week. 🙂

    • Who: Madhur Chadha
      What: PAPa
      Spicy: Friends, this is a very unique post. Madhur Chadha has recorded a letter, that a daughter has written to her late father. Madhur has done an exceptional job in reading out this letter, and has put in the emotions, that might have actually gone into writing it by the daughter. We recommend that you listen to this podcast. And kindly share your comments. 🙂

    • WhoSamit Malkani
      What: If I Were Managing @PMOIndia
      Spicy: So the PM is finally on Twitter. Twitter is a very effective way where transparent conversations take place. If you look at MMS’ Twitter account, you will not find conversations happening. Samit has some useful tips that will enable PM to engage in deep conversations with the citizens, than what he usually does/does not. Have a look and let him know if you agree, or have some more suggestions.

    • Who: Sonshu Iyengar
      What: Move on is a phrase. Make it happen.
      Spicy: Sometimes, you have to let go of certain memories in order to take your life one step further. Well said by Sonshu. She makes us understand this thought, through a fictional story, where Alison moved on with life, by leaving Nevol, and making her future with David. Read their story.

    • Who: Panthera Uncia
      What: SECTION 377 AND THE GAYS
      Spicy: Our ancestral thinking is still deep rooted within minds of many people in India, and unfortunately, some of them are also in power, who take decisions for the country. Considering Gay sex, or the whole idea of being Gay, as a ‘western phenomenon’ is the most ridiculous part. Snowleopard here discusses, how centuries earlier too, Gayism existed. It is time that Indians stop adopting ‘western ideologies’ according to their convenience, and rubbishing everything else of the same, that is not required by them, as something dirty.

    • Who: Priya Baskaran
      What: Where Hanuman Stands Alone
      Spicy: Priya visited the Sanjeevi Raya Hanuman Temple in Ayyangarkulam. She shares with us the story behind this temple. Apparently, when Hanuman was carrying the Sanjeevi Parvata to revive Lakshmana, a small part of it fell in this area. Did you know this? Priya pens down some more stories associated with this temple here. 🙂 Go ahead and read it.

    • Who: Vasumathi Rajamani
      What: Ek Shaam Doston ke Naam
      SpicyI sit at my usual place at our regular ‘adda’ but see no familiar face. Vasumathi writes a poem, remembering the college days, which most of us can identify with. We loved this line: I remember the first question we asked before the exam “Kitna padha?” and the first question after exams “Kitna likha?” 😛 Read on.

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