BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 21, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks

Jigna Vora, a journalist, was charged for J Dey murder case under sections of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), Arms Act and Bombay Police Act. She is said to be involved in the conspiracy against the late journalist, apparently on J Dey’s reporting on Oil Mafia. Some journalists are forced to sensationalize, while some quietly work like J Dey. Do we really have the freedom that one should have in a democratic country? For now, we hope to believe, atleast the bloggers have. Go ahead and know what the bloggers are talking about.

    • Who: Khoty Mathur
      What: How do we Decide a School is GOOD?
      Tangy: KayEm expresses her thoughts on what things decide whether a particular school is good or not. Some parents prefer convent schools to co-ed ones, which has its own pros and cons. She lists some of her suggestions, on the number of students to one teacher, and also what should be their appropriate age gap ratio. A very informative read. Go ahead.

    • Who: Nitin Jain
      What: Simple, Pragmatic Suggestions to Election Commission
      Tangy: Nitin advises few methods, that he feels Election Commision should adopt and implement. He has some valid suggestions like extra facilities for physically challenged, elderly and pregnant women while voting, having mobile voting booths, to reach out remote areas of India, and likewise. Take a look and comment your proposals too.

    • Who: Drkumargrd
      What: दस्तक
      Tangy: A nicely carved Hindi poem by Drkumargrd, emotes the fear of a person, who now even doubts happiness, when it knocks his door. Beautifully composed and penned in this post. Find out more by reading this poem.

    • Who: Rachna Sharma
      What: Anonymous Confessions
      Tangy: A fictional anonymous person, discovers that he is gay. This post is about his confessions, about how he discovered his sexual orientation, what decisions he takes, and how does he deal with the situation when his parents want him to marry and settle down. What do you think he did? Unveil in Rachna’s post now.

    • Who: Reema
      What: Bangalore Chronicle
      Tangy: How does Bangalore treat a person that has newly moved to the city? Reema’s post is the answer to that. She shares with us her explorations of this city. Have you seen all the places mentioned in this post? Head over to this post and know.

    • Who: Gyanban
      What: Compliments
      Tangy: Do you genuinely give compliments to someone or say it out of habit? Gyanban digs more into this, and tries to ascertain the accuracy of the compliments given or received. Do read this one. And don’t forget to give a genuine compliment to someone today. 🙂

    • Who: Nand Kishore G
      Tangy: Brilliantly written fiction post by Kishore. The story is very unique and unusual. Kishore manages to grip the reader’s attention with the damsel and her attributes. A lengthy post, but surely worth the time. Don’t miss this one.

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