BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 11, ’12

Spicy Saturday Since 2010, over 500 elephants have been massacred by poachers at DR Congo’s Virunga National Park. Have you ever thought how scared the animals would be as we are encroaching upon their territory every single day. Let us today take a pledge that we will do our bit to protect these animals and keep them happy in their own space. Time now to read some posts from the Indian bloggers community which will stir up your emotions.

    • Who : Rachna Parmar
      What : The dilemma of a mother!
      Spicy : Rachna has put up a fictional situation, that actually is the state of most Indian women these days. A mother of a two-year old daughter, resumes working in a BPO company where the work timings are erratic. She struggles to juggle between roles of an independent woman, and a good mother. What do you think she should do?

    • Who : Samarpita Mukherjee
      What : Teri meri, meri teri, prem kahaani hai mushkil …
      Spicy : Don’t fall for the title, the post ahead is indeed very sweet and successful in the end πŸ™‚ Samarpita Mukherjee accounts her journey of meeting the perfect match, failing to understand it, and later falling in love with the same person, and being happily married to him for 3 years now. We enjoyed reading her story and hope you would too! πŸ™‚

    • Who :Β Sudatta Mukherjee
      What : Dear Dad, Yours loving Step-daughter
      Spicy : A daughter writes a letter to her step-dad, and explains what she feels for him. She brings forward some mistakes, realization, foot-steps followed and her love. Do read and comment.

    • Who : Max Da Vinci
      What : Incredible India: A how-to for travelogues
      Spicy : An opening scene of people living under flyovers in India, in a travelogue on BBC, triggered this nicely written post by Maxdavinci. He suggests how an appropriate travelogue on India should be. We had a quick trip to some of the unknown places of India here. Hope other TV channels can highlight this too. Head over.

    • Who : Senthil
      What : Drip drip
      Spicy : When you reach the end of this post, you are surely going to refer the previous few lines and smile reading the post. πŸ™‚ A nicely imagined and penned story by Senthil.

    • Who : Binu Thomas
      What : Some Curious Politicians..
      Spicy : Binu writes a post on sensationalism done by media organizations, on Karnataka ministers watching porn in Assembly. The headlines looked like the minister himself is in the porn movie. Watching porn isn’t criminal, but to watch it in Assembly surely is not the correct thing to do. Read more in this post.

    • Who : Nivedita Patil
      What : Copying Religiously – Kopimism : About the Symbol of the Worlds Newest Relegion
      Spicy : Nivedita Patil educates us about a new religion, that says copying of content should be allowed, in order to spread knowledge across. She gives us more information about this, and the meaning of its symbol in this post. Read on.

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