The Wednesday Soul

The Wednesday Soul is a funny, imaginative, gutsy and downright crazy read  says Vir Das and Purab Kohli says it is ‘Brilliantly silly. Read it on your throne and flush your brains down‘. Need we say more? 🙂 Sorabh Pant‘s The Wednesday Soul: The Afterlife, With Sunglasses is up for review! A humor fiction book is waiting to be read by some witty bloggers. Are you interested to review it? Then read below the excerpt and apply to review it. Don’t forget to read about the author. 😉

10 copies to be given away for review. Here’s the excerpt:

Nyra Dubey is dead. 

Run over by a bus, she lies on a grey road, fuming inside, like the noxious fumes outside. The infamous vigilante The Delhi Belle reduced to an accident statistic? Surely, this was not her fate.

A fortnight ago, she would have not only settled for, but embraced a violent death. Today, death is a colossal inconvenience, holding her back from enjoying her newly-acquired fridge-sized boyfriend.

Death hath no fury like a woman dead, she thinks, plotting an explosive vengeance upon death’s ethereal masters for the loss of her love. A vengeance delayed, as she’s labelled a Wednesday Soul, carried off by a monstrous Eledactyl (an Elephant-Pterodactyl), and then kidnapped by the biggest, ugliest eagle she has ever seen to the mysterious Big Ball.

Unanswered questions race through her head as Nyra quickly learns that souls are made of light, that she is in the midst of a destructive plot to destroy the life after life, and that the quickest way to escape from an Eledactyl is by rubbing its bum from the inside.

Compared to death, she thinks, life is a breeze.

Know the Author: Sorabh Pant was inspired to write The Wednesday Soul after a series of serious accidents that threatened to de-rail his blossoming career as a rejected TV personality. Amidst finding scientific proof that the accidents were caused by black magic from an ex-girlfriend, he decided to dig deeper and write a tome about the existential crisis of death. For about three minutes.

When he became an alleged comedian, he decided to leave those crises to Bengali and dead Russian authors and write a completely different book that explored the world of death from the perspective of a certifiable lunatic a world of rockstar gods, late celebrities, gargantuan creatures and other substance abuse-related figments of his imagination.

Five years and eighty-seven re-writes later, The Wednesday Soul was born, leaving the world of the afterlife in tumult, one assumes. It is a labour of love, lunacy and a very depraved mind.

A mind that, aside from belonging to a writer, also belongs to a stand-up comedian who has been touted as one of the country’s top ten in The Times of India. Over the last two years, Sorabh’s show, Pant on Fire has done over a 100 shows in 13 cities, making it the secondmost toured show in India. Although, he did it mainly for the frequent flier miles.

He’s also a columnist for numerous magazines, a temporarily retired TV writer and a professional Faller From Mountains. He’s also married so he understands the anguish and pain associated with subconscious suicide.

The Wednesday Soul is his debut. It’s also his first book. He doesn’t understand French.

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