BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 31, ’11

Spicy Saturday In a few hours from now, the year 2011, will end and a new year will start. A new beginning for many. We won’t ask you about resolutions or your plans for New Years Eve as most of them would have done till now. Instead we want you to remember the positive things that happened in 2011 and take those with you to the coming year. 🙂 Time now to read the last edition of #Spicysaturdaypicks for the year 2011.

    • Who : Keirthana
      What : The woes of a share-auto traveller
      Spicy : When you are in Hyderabad and taking an auto, a) you should be ready for a race b) you should not be shocked when your heart lands on your hand c) more than believing in ‘boss is always right’, you should start believing in ‘rickshaw-waala is always right, and never argue with him.’ These are the learnings after reading Keirthana’s post.

    • Who : Sanjay
      What : Elusive Happiness. Really?
      Spicy : How do you define happiness? A day spent shopping? Buying something that you wanted since forever? Or a day spent with yourself? Sanjay Arora has written a very nice post, making us realise that the materialistic things will never make us actually happy. Then what will, you may ask. Read this post to know.

    • Who Confused Soul
      What : Little Reminders
      Spicy : Shreya has very well written this post. The situation that she describes, might have occurred in many people’s lives. How strange this situation is, when you love someone, you want to be with him/her forever, yet sometimes the reason they fall out of love, is because they stayed with each other for too long. What an irony! Do read.

    • Who : NS Rajaram
      What : Swamy And His Harvard Enemies: The Real Story
      Spicy : NS Rajaram has this very interesting post on Subramaniam Swamy and his expulsion from Harvard. Some unknown facts and behind the scenes activity which are unknown to the world has been highlighted by NS Rajaram in this must read post.

    • Who : Wise Donkey
      What : Life Lessons for my Kid
      Spicy : Wise Donkey has listed very meaningful lessons of life, for his kid, career wise, peers and relationship wise. A nice read.

    • Who : The Fool
      What : Lok Pal – The Film
      Spicy : The Fool informs us that Lok Pal is now screened as a film, starring King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan as the lead. Imagining how the film would look like? See it in this post.

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