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Today’s Mint Lounge carried a brilliant cover story on the Revolutionary Magazine of 1954, ‘The Quest’.  Laeeq Futehally, Achal Prabhala and Arshia Sattar‘s book, The Best of Quest, carries the significant stories and articles of the defunct magazine. And we have it up for review at your Adda! 🙂 Loved reading the article? Then you are surely going to love the book, belonging to the category  Literature & Fiction > Short Stories! Read the excerpt and apply to review it.

We are giving away 10 books for review. Read the excerpt:

The Best of Quest is an anthology that includes the finest essays, poems and short-stories published in Quest, a quarterly of inquiry, criticism and ideas.

In 1954, a new magazine appeared out of Bombay with Nissim Ezekiel at its helm, titled Quest (“a quarterly of inquiry, criticism and ideas”) and it went on to live a re- spectable two decades and some, until Indira Gandhi’s emergency caused it to collapse. Quest was an intel- lectual rite of passage: many of the boldface names that light up newspapers, magazines, academic journals and even television screens today, first made their mark with a piece in here. The Best of Quest is a collection of some of the most striking essays, poems and stories to have appeared in the pages of the magazine.

In an era not long past, Quest was the sign of the times. But such a sign and such a time it was that reading the magazine now is illuminating in an absolutely contem- porary sense. Like its counterparts across the world – Transition in Africa, Encounter in the USA/UK, Quad- rant in Australia, and its fellow publication, Imprint in India – Quest was ideologically free-wheeling and stood for “cultural freedom”, a term not free of complication, given the dirty tricks of the cold war. What endures from that era is this: a testament to a time when writ- ers and readers were renaissance people; a time when independent thought reigned supreme.

Know the Authors: 

  • Laeeq Futehally is a writer and garden designer. She worked as the Literary Editor of Quest for over twenty years.
  • Achal Prabhala is a writer and researcher in Bangalore.
  • Arshia Sattar works with classical Indian literatures and teaches at various institutions across the country.

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