BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 8, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksAfter India’s victorious world cup campaign in Cricket, which are the series that you have watched or are following? Do you think it is overdose of Cricket or are you ok with it? The less number of people turning up in the stadiums is a cause for concern though. Thankfully, the number of blog posts every week is not coming down. 🙂 They are just rising every single week. Here are the best from this week.

    • Who : cynicallyengineered
      What : Man’s Man? No thanks.
      Tangy : Cynically Engineered says that we should stop being what we are not, and what others want to see us like. Be yourself, and act yourself. Don’t try to fit in the shoes that the society has tailored for you. Thank you IHM for this tip. 🙂

    • Who : Ideasmithy
      What : The Cages That Women Live In
      Tangy:: We are not anymore constricted to the stifling role of a ‘little woman’. We’ve just been given a choice of cages to live in, not all of them golden. – Idea Smithy. Society not only stereotypes people, but also their feelings. A woman is always expected to behave and think a certain way, be in control of things, etc. If she starts thinking like a man, she is labeled with various names. Idea Smith talks on similar lines in this post.

    • Who : Kalpak Bhinde
      What : DEFINITIONS
      Tangy : The most witty and humorous definitions are recorded in this post. We recommend you to read this hilarious post and also post your definitions in comments! Don’t miss this one! 🙂 (This is genuinely is a smiley and here doesn’t relate to the definition mentioned in this post.)

    • Who : Mohana
      What : Sunset
      Tangy : Various shades and visuals of a sunset are well captured in this poem by Mohana through her words. Everything that one would see during a sunset is visualised in this poem. Read now!

    • Who : Jayakrishnan Nair
      What : For a triad of freedoms
      Tangy : A very nice narrative is given by Jayakrishnan Nair, of the Anglo-Indian War of 1857. He reviews the book ‘Operation Red Lotus’, by Parag Tope, fourth-generation descendent of Tatya Tope, and informs us with some major events of the war. Grab this information by reading Nair’s post.

    • Who : Karthikeya
      What : On Spot Fixing and Ethics In Cricket
      Tangy : 3 cricketers recently were jailed on cases of match fixing. Kartikeya Date here talks about cricket betting and the ethics to be followed in cricket

    • Who : : Sulagna
      What : Now that I am a Ma…
      Tangy : Sulagna is a new mom, and she shares all her feelings of being a new mother with us through this post. Our favorite: I laugh out loud at her rocket farts and the expression of contentment on her face after. 😛 🙂


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