BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 5, ’11

Spicy SaturdayCops nab thief with Facebook’s help. Whatay operation. 🙂 This will soon become a case study for efficient use of Social Media. How differently have you used Social networks? Do let us know. Time now to read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers this weekend.

    • Who : Ashwin M
      What : A few good Men
      Spicy : We talk about Indian values, warmth, respect but I’m seeing less and less of that – Ashwin. This statement forces us to think, that can we really boast about our Indian value system and ‘sanskars’ when few men disgrace it brutally? Family of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez have shown courage to stand up and fight against what is wrong. Go read Ashwin’s post for his views.

    • Who : Deepak
      What : The Tavern
      Spicy : Deepak Karamungikar gives a brilliant narration and keeps you gripped till the end in this post. A wonderfully written fiction article. You can visualise the situations as you read this post. Must read for all!

    • Who Anjali Garg
      What : Love marriage vs. arranged marriage.
      Spicy : Anjali Garg talks about Arranged and Love marriages in this post. She discusses how Indian families are reluctant to give in to love marriages and how they want to get their daughters married early. In this tug of war between arranged marriage and love marriage, Love wins. Marriage is just a tag.

    • Who : Hartman de Souza for Kafila
      What : An open letter to Tarun Tejpal: Hartman de Souza
      Spicy : Hartman de Souza wrote an article for a national daily, reporting about how a story of a journalist, from Tehelka, on illegal mining in Goa, was blocked. Well this indirect mention caught Tarun Tejpal’s eye and he responded saying that Hartman is a man with hearty distaste for facts. Tejpal wants facts, so let’s give him facts, says Hartman in this post. Decipher this post and comment your views.

    • Who : The Blunt Blogger
      What : Why should Rahul Gandhi marry Poonam Pandey?
      Spicy : The Blunt Blogger writes a letter to Rahul Gandhi, proposing him to marry Poonam Pandey. What your real dimples fail to deliver, her fake breasts delivers to the T, says TBB with some more reasons to encourage Rahul to marry Poonam.

    • Who : Vidyut
      What : Keenan Santos could be you
      Spicy : We heard the recent tragedy of Keenan and Reuben getting killed, because they stood up for against eve-teasing. If I would ever want my friends to come to my rescue if it would mean them paying with their lives, says Vidyut. This kind of fear now must be prevailing in minds of many women of India. Vidyut informs us what happened and the background of the murderers. She also questions the system on giving justice. Do read.

    • Who : Greenpasturesind
      What : Progressive Buddhism
      Spicy : Greener Pastures Ind takes us through the lanes of Sikkim and informs us about their culture, Buddhism, people and more. A nice read.

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