BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 1, ’11

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘Hindu temple in Peshawar reopens after 60 years’. In the current scenario, making this happen in Pakistan is an achievement. So, how were your Diwali Vacations? Do share your photos and your experiences on our Facebook wall. We would love to be a part of your enjoyment. For now, read the best blog posts this week.

    • Who :Β  thebigdowg
      What : An open letter to SRK.
      Tangy : Don’t afford to take this open letter like just another one in the season of ‘open letters’. A strongly recommended post to read, where The Big Dawg rips off the movie Ra.One and Shahrukh Khan in the most hilariously sarcastic way! Head over to know what we’re talking about. πŸ™‚

    • Who : UjjwalRaaj
      What : Metallica@ Gurgaon- The real story.
      Tangy: So the much awaited rock band performance by Metallica in Gurgaon got cancelled. Many fans throughout India traveled all the way to watch them perform, but were disappointment when the cancellation was due to an apparent failure of a security barricade in front of the stage that could not be adequately repaired. Ujjwal narrates what actually happened. Read ahead.

    • Who : Kumar
      What : The Last Laugh.
      Tangy : Whatay write-up! Brilliantly written fiction post, with an amusing climax, by Kumar. Read it to get surprised. πŸ™‚

    • Who : Richa
      What : Rickshaw Realities – The Other Side
      Tangy : We everytime curse the adamant rickshaw-wallas for their strikes, price hikes and constant denial of going to certain places. Richa steps in the shoes of these rickshaw-wallas and tries to explore what problems they might be facing. After all, stereotyping is something we always say we should avoid. So why because of few of them, do we blame the entire system of ricksha-wallas?

    • Who :Β Spaceman Spiff
      What : This one’s for you…
      Tangy : Two things we learn after reading this post by Divya. A well built understanding between a wife and a husband helps the partner to be treated as the best confider. And second learning is that at times, even few moments of your life, become special for a lifetime. Do read this post, and remember your special moments. But don’t forget to share it with your partner. πŸ™‚

    • Who : Hanif Murad
      What : Tumhari Sonam
      Tangy : Hanif shares an experience of being at a Qawwali night and meeting Sonam Kapoor. Well, here Sonam is the lady Qawwali singer, who refers Hanif as Anna ji. πŸ™‚ Read their story of healthy flirting. πŸ˜‰

    • Who : :BasioMeusPuga
      What : Eff one…
      Tangy : BasioMeusPuga attended the much talked about and awaited F1 race. He shares his experience and observation of the audience, people, seats and the race. Do read and share yours if you attended the race.


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