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Spicy Saturday“While growing up, my generation was focused on playing the Ranji Trophy and later Tests for India but with the advent of Twenty20, youngsters these days have more options and I just hope that it doesn’t shift their priorities for the longer version of the game” – Rahul Sharad Dravid – The man who redefined the rules of test cricket. Yesterday, he played his last One Day innings. A man who has sacrificed and evolved to become one of India’s batting mainstay. We salute him. Read Sidvee’s posts and other top posts from the Indian blogosphere below. 🙂

  • Who : Lavanya aka Mad Momma
    What : Tis the season for open letters
    Spicy : A recent blog post by blogger Shahana is doing the rounds, and has managed to gather a lot of controversy. It is a post where she stereotypes Delhi-ites and compares with South Indians. And here Mad Momma rubbishes Shahana’s theory and puts forth her view on the North-South stereotyping.

  • Who : Naomi Datta
    Spicy : Omar Abdullah’s divorce has dominated the news media recently. While some say it is wrong to intrude into someone’s private life, even if he/she is a public figure, Naomi argues that it should be covered. If Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and many other actors make it to the front page for their break ups and divorces, then why do editors spare Omar Abdullah’s divorce? On what basis do editors choose or not choose a particular news?

  • Who Sidvee
    What : Rahul Dravid and the eternal lament
    Spicy : Sidvee, in this post, talks about Rahul Dravid, and how he is often not given the importance that he supposed to get. The minds of people are dominated by the God of Indian cricket, but no one can deny Dravid’s contribution to the game. Sidvee through this post writes about Dravid’s achievements and about his cricket career.

  • Who : Vadakkus
    What : Driving Like Dummies
    Spicy : Driving in India is a big task for vehicle owners. Every big city has loads of vehicles on the roads, and there are people among them who don’t know even the proper traffic rules. You don’t drive in India. You just point your vehicle in the general direction you want to go, says Vaddakus. Do read!

  • Who : Bodhisattva
    What : Along the Eternal Narmada: Omkareshwar
    Spicy : Bodhisattva visited Omkareshwar, situated near the holy river of Narmada, and in this post he captures the culture and traditions of Omkareshwar in his beautiful pictures and also informs us more about this location. Recommended read!

  • Who : Meghna
    What : Is Right to Information a threat to Right to Life?
    Spicy : Right to Information act is a provision made by the Indian Government, where a citizen can get the required information on legal and financial things. However, many Indians are still unaware about it, and the ones who used this right, had to compromise on their lives. Meghna in this post enlightens us with incidents and information of this act.

  • Who : Kiran Manral
    What : Precocious and not so pretty
    Spicy : Kiran Manral very rightly points out a situation, which we get to see a lot around us. Many mothers ‘deck up’ their under 12 years of age daughters, in a manner like one would dress when crossed the age of 20! Skimpy dresses, lots of makeup and it gets worse, says Kiran. Let the kids behave and look their age, and parents should not push their kids into something like this.

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