BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Sep. 10, ’11

Spicy SaturdayBomb Blasts are rocking the nation. We get cautious for a day and from the next day life moves on. They attack us at will and claim innocent lives and what do we do? Watch and feel bad for them. Is this what we want to do or can do? Can we do something more than this? Think over it. Read these posts over the weekend.

  • Who : AAD
    What : Why sita sings the blues ?
    Spicy : AAD writes her views on a documentary film, Sita Sings The Blues. She also talks about the adaptation of Sita in modern times, and argues on few things of the Ramayana, and actions of the characters. This write up reminds us of a post on a similar topic, which is written by Manreet Someshwar – We need a Sita Redux. Both the posts are a recommended read. So head over and do leave your comments.

  • Who : Manreet Sodhi
    What : An Ode to the Battle of Saragarhi
    Spicy : On 12th September is the Saragarhi day, the anniversary of the Battle of Saragarhi in 1897. Manreet informs us on how few Indian army men form an important chapter of the history, during the British Reign. Do read and educate yourself about Saragarhi day.

  • Who Giribala Joshi
    What : A Tale of Two Revolutions
    Spicy : Giribala predicts the future of two revolutions in this post! One is of Lokpal Bill being passed by the Government in future and the other is likely to take place in 2017, which will be to dismiss the Lokpal Bill. Can you guess who will be the protagonist of this movement? Read to find out. 😉

  • Who : Gursimran Khamba
    What : Relationship Limbo
    Spicy : Khamba in this post is talking about Relationship Limbo, which according to Urban Dictionary is the state when one is not technically single or taken; the space between being single and taken. He talks about what things are likely to happen, what one can do, and what one should not do, when in a relationship limbo!

  • Who : Govind Pallath
    Spicy : Mahamaya(Great Maya/Grand illusion), Pawar Cut, Digvijayam(Victory in all directions)…these are the new liquor brands coming soon in Kerala! Govind Paliath tells us the USP of each of these brands in this post. Which one would you choose? 😉

  • Who : Mahendra Palsule
    What : Forms in Western Classical Music
    Spicy : Palsule has started a series where he shares and discusses about Western Classical Music. In this post, which is the 5th in the series, he discusses about the Sonata Form. Do read other posts also in this category. Commendable!

  • Who : Aludarm
    What : A walk down the memory lane..
    Spicy : Aludarm takes a walk down the memory lane and remembers the kind of bond she shared with her dad, during childhood. At the end of the post, she reminds us once again, that our parents are the most unchangeable thing in our life. We can go to them whenever we want, and they are always there for us. A nice read. 🙂

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