BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug. 30, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksWater is unleashing its fury for the past 3 days in various parts of the world. Be it the Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast or the less hyped Typhoon Nanmadol hitting Taiwan and the rains in our own backyard. It is very interesting to see how one of the most important things of our life can turn one’s own destructor. What lesson are we learning from all these? Think about it. Till then we have the best blog posts from the Blogosphere.

  • Who AdiSin
    What : Why the boy cried….
    Tangy : A man is always expected to behave like a man, i.e. being strong at any given point of time and situation. If he weakens or trembles at any hurdle, he is degraded by saying, he is not man enough! Aditya says, it takes a lot to be a man, and here he composes a song on same. Must read!

  • Who : Ravindra Rajput
    What :
    Tangy: Every household of India, specially in Mumbai, knows what is the importance of a bai or a housemaid. Ravindra goes back in time and recollects memories of his encounters with various bai’s and gives you some tips to deal with them. Do read! 🙂

  • Who : Rohan
    What : Murders at the hospital
    Tangy : This post is an excellently written fiction post, with a gripping backdrop, by Rohan. Truly holds you till the story ends. Recommended read!

  • Who : Prasanna Rao
    What : What good am I without you
    Tangy : Prasanna shares her feelings on her special bond with her mother in this post. She remembers the time spent with her and her struggle. Go ahead and read her post.

  • Who Nand Kishore
    What : Moonlit Kaveri… when she cried !
    Tangy : What an innovative way to address a problem, roped with some fiction. While everyone celebrated Anna’s Victory, a military camp in Kashmir was attacked. The whole nation comes on streets when an Anna Hazare fasts, but does the nation act the same way to do something for the soldiers of the country, to fight with the Government for better defence weapons, and similar facilities? Kudos to Nand Kishore for bringing this up in such an apt way.

  • Who : Sugandha
    What : Some common Metr-O-bservations
    Tangy : Sugandha pens down some common Metr-O-bservations, while traveling in the ladies coach of the Delhi Metro. She also describes some people who are very prominent to notice, because of their behaviour. A fun read and surely very tangy! 🙂

  • Who : Alka Gurha
    What : Chiptease
    Tangy : You buy a pack of chips, that you think has a good quantity, but when you open it, you are left with a handful of chips, and the rest is air. This is called Chiptease. 😉 We often get chipteased by people, politicians, government, clothes store, etc. and in this post, Alka elaborates more on this. Do read.

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