BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug. 16, ’11

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘Detention is beginning of 2nd freedom struggle’ says Anna Hazare. Today morning Anna Hazare was arrested. After a long weekend where we celebrated our independence and our 4th anniversary, things are back to normal, looks like. 🙂 Let us stay away from all this get back to reading the best blog posts from Indian Blogosphere.

  • Who Juggernaut
    What : One Shammi Kapoor Later…
    Tangy : On 13th August, we lost a legend from the Bollywood industry – Shammi Kapoor. He gave us ‘Yahooo’, ‘Isharon Isharon mein’, ‘Badan Pe Sitare’, and many more hit songs that we still like to listen. His moments of madness are remembered by Juggernaut in this post. Read ahead to go back to the good ol’ days of Shammi Kapoor’s era. RIP Shammi ji.

  • Who : Hemant
    What : All those days….
    TangyA well composed poem by Hemant. I wish if everything, could remain as it was, There was no reason for God, to break into our quad…Few lines from his creation. A very nice poem on love and separation.

  • Who : Abid
    What : Rक्षण : India vs India
    Tangy : We all have thought about reservations from our perspective. Now, for a moment let’s think from the perspective of the backward classes and take a decision. Abid has done this, and here he presents his views. Read and let him know your thoughts.

  • Who : Nitin Jain
    What : Jan Lok Pal, India Against Corruption, Fast Unto Death and Democracy
    Tangy : Nitin Jain writes his valid views on the Jan Lokpal Bill, and why he is against the movement. He puts forth 7 points which everyone must read and know, before supporting Anna Hazare’s movement. One big question he asks here – Why fast?

  • Who Vijay Menon
    What : Corruption: Aren’t WE the real problem?
    Tangy : I bet no Lokpal or jokepal can eradicate corruption, says Vijay Menon. He gives us few examples, which must have occurred in your life, and corruption (even of lesser degree) is a major component of it. We all have been there and done that. And now some of those stand up against the same thing, which they have themselves done it earlier. Aren’t we the real problem? Answer Vijay in this post.

  • Who : Sriram
    What : Vaav bhaji
    Tangy : A delicious account of Mumbaikars’ favorite dish – Pav Bhaji! Sriram gives his idea of a good Pav Bhaji and much more in this appetizing post! 🙂

  • Who : Mahendra Palsule
    Tangy :Mahendra Palsule introduces us to Majida El Roumi, whom he respectfully terms as nightingale of the Middle East. He is an Arabic music composer, and Palsule writes his fondness for his music in this post. Read on!

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