Perky Tweets – Jul 25, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsRajesh Khanna, Dimple Kapadia’s Goan holiday. Apparently, Rajesh Khanna wanted to relive the ‘Sagar’ days of Dimple Kapadia and hence set off for a Goan Holiday. It seems the beach where Rajesh Khanna stayed were clear of any young tourists. Why? Figure it out. #fakingnews. Read some more #perkytweets to make you smile this Monday.

That awkward moment when an alien comes to India and asks us to take it to our leader.

Batman was a truck driver from Punjab, who suffered memory loss by drinking desi daru. Jaanwar ban gaya.

Lunch. Quick chat with Dhoni on tactics. Then sandwich.

What if it was a typo? What if they meant hat and not tat? I think Tit for Hat would be a good deal. No?

Rambo 4(Hindi) on UTV Action, A man to Stallone : dada bhaag chalo yaaha se..yaha sabhi naamard hai.. ROFL @ni_nad@beeayeanoowhy

Db Singham ZNMD all hits..India tv will soon have a feature..Ash ki beti ..poorey industry ke liye Lakshmi hai.. rofl

If only the good die young, how come they all die in drunken car-crashes and of drug overdoses?

Harsha Bhogle asking IIM-A level question” What does Dravid do now?”

Kareena Kapoor called Salman Khan “Rajinikanth of Bollywood”. Does she want 2 be called “Digvijay Singh of Bollywood”

No matter you live in slums or posh buildings, mosquitoes will treat everyone equally.

WSJ has an article on 5 reasons to hate sachin and its comments section is an article on reasons to hate every other indian

Don’t know about others but Nobel Prize for Literature must go The Nation newspaper of Pakistan.”

Something strange with this German internet connection. Says Dhoni is bowling.

Harbhajan-Dhoni bowling in tandem. #makingitlarge

That awkward moment when its just you and your driver in the car, and you KNOW you didn’t fart.

What did Lord Krishna say to Karan Johar? Sambhavami – You Gay You Gay!! #perkytweets

#Notetoself : if keep taking note in a note book from twitter, it is not going to be of any use. #perkytweets A student of life.

I am thinking of writing a book – “Twitter – The unproductive days of my life ” ! #perkytweets

Hey Mario !! Remember me? I Wasted My Childhood Saving Your Girlfriend #perkytweets

I re-iterate. Shobha De should not name her offsprings Luv or Bose. #perkytweets

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