Perky Tweets – May 30, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsManchester United to hire a specialist coach just to counter Barcelona’s midfleld in the next season says Sir Alex Ferguson after losing the Champions league final this Saturday #fakingnews. Check out the humourous tweets for this week and drive away your Monday Blues. πŸ™‚

Is it just me or is Ranveer Singh dancing at random weddings in Band Baaja Baaraat a tribute to SRK and his side business?

Also female friends from college who are now married. They should be banned from sending friend request


Dhoni, Please Do Part-Time Captaincy For Indian Football Team As Well πŸ˜€ FIFA will be ours…!!! πŸ˜€


So Kohli gonna win it, carry Gayle around the ground and say: “For 22 days Gayle carried the burden. So .


Here’s one DM – “We won’t beg, but follow us on Facebook too” LOL


Anna has advised Scami Agniwaste to carry a Fevikaal to keep his topi in place…


Every time i watch Dhinka Chika, i half expect Asin to suddenly pull out a deo and start spraying herself.”


#IPL Waste of 74 games. They could’ve sorted out the entire matter with one match between CSK and RCB. In Hosur.


Sid Mallya will now get up and say Aa Gayle lag ja.#RCB #IPL


It’s Ravi Shastri’s birthday today. He was planning if for 364 days. Now it’s down to the wire


Secular leopard who entered #BJP leader Hema Malini’s house should be given a MLA ticket by Congress party.


Leopard strays into Hema Malini’s bungalow - I guess she must be shooting for Cheetah aur Geeta


The question is how will America survive those 8 hours without the Indian tech support.


Bwahahaha! Girl in Hostel lift talking on phone-Main inniya hot lag rai aa aaj,ki tussi mere utte roti sekh saknde


And from what I hear, that scheme comes with a lock-in period of 2 years. By which time, iphone 10. would’ve been launched


Tweetdeck showing you the follow button on your own profile. Makes me feel like a dog who runs after his own tail.


Do you ve it in you to be a part of idiots institute of ponytail management?


Harpic should make Ram Jethmalani their new Brand Ambassador. He can make any shit disappear!”


I’d like to remind people tat Sonu Nigam, founder of hard rock band Nirvaan, sang “My Heart Will Go On” earlier this yr


It takes one Amitabh to sell a Diamond .. and 3 Abhisheks to sell … a Sim

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2 Replies to “Perky Tweets – May 30, ’11”

  1. Rascals!! Nazis… Communal RSS chaddimen….. Terming my dead serious tweets as ”funny”… When I say it in media it would be a news but when I simplay tweet, I’m being funny…. Everything is RSS sazish!!!! Grrrr…..
    RSS chaddiwallas are communal! All the chaddiwallas are communal and hence we seculars hate chaddis and donn’t wear one ourselves….. πŸ˜›

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