BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 9, ’11

Spicy SaturdayThe World Cup is over and IPL has started. More months of cricket to come. But there are other things other than cricket which are also grabbing headlines like Anti Corruption Bill, Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and much more. This month would be exciting as there are lots of things to look forward. For now, here are the Spicy Saturday Picks. 

  • Who : neoIndian
    What : As an Indian woman, how do you feel when you drink water?
    Spicy : We have discussed endless times about the condition of Indian women, their position in the society, their problems, etc. But Indian women were never seen this way like Neo Indian has seen. A recommended read by us.

  • Who : Navin Kabra
    What : Talking about Anna Hazare
    Spicy : Navin is explaining the Anna Hazare situation to his small kids. Know how the kids perceive this situation in his post.

  • Who : Vikram Sood
    What : L’affaire Afridi
    Spicy : Vikram Sood writes an account of how Shahid Afridi made a brave attempt to try to keep politics out of the game. But later politics and Allah had entered the game. Probably this was the outcome after Gautam Gambhir’s comment that he dedicated the victory to Mumbai 26/11 incident. Read this post and let him know how you feel about it.

  • Who : Suchismita
    What : Marriage: An Over-rated Institution?
    Spicy : Do you think marriage is an over-rated institution? Well, atleast Suchismita thinks so. She pens down her thoughts on why she thinks so. Let her know if you agree with her. 🙂

  • Who : Sayak Shome
    What : The Hunt
    Spicy : Sayak is again at his imaginative best. A very creatively written post. To reveal the plot of the post here would be taking away the essence from it! Head over to his post to kill your curiosity.

  • Who : Quakeboy
    What : 6 ways to respond to people who point out that you are loosing hair
    Spicy : Quakeboy is saviour to all the bald (or people with thin hair) people in the world. Now you know what to say when somebody points out to you about your baldness or thin hair! Read this post and do add on your tips to the list! 😉

  • Who : Manreet Sodhi
    What : Kafka in my Barca!
    Spicy : In today’s age, getting a visa, passport or getting any legal thing done seems like a victory, especially when it takes forever to get it done. Manreet got into a similar situation and shares her ‘journey’ of going through the legal lane.

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