Perky Tweets – Mar 28, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsWhat will Mr Geelani say to Mr Manmohan Singh after India win on Wednesday? @saviojoseph says ‘Dost Dost na Raha? and @rockishtaar says ‘How much for the tickets?’ 😛 For more such laughs, read the #perkytweets from the Indian Twitter users now!

@niknathind I’m promised a laptop, a ceiling fan, a mixie/grinder, rice, a house & so on. What is CRI? Who are you?

In Mohali on Wednesday, the Kashmir issue will be resolved by Duckworth-Lewis

what does a #Liverpool fan do after they win the league? .. turn off the PlayStation and go to bed! :P’

when you’re single no one notices you, but when you’re taken you’re wanted by everyone :/

There is this new form of wealth currently doing the rounds this week, I’ve heard they’re called Mohali tickets.

And no wonder my iPhone had Kamasutra in the dictionary…it doesn’t have bhagawadgita though.

Ok so just one PM joke. PM goes to see match in Mohali. When asked who won, he said ‘I am not aware of anything’.

Told my parents I am quiting twitter.They heard TCS. mom started crying and dad started making faces. I was surprised first.

Fair & Lovely claims White skin in 2 weeks!!! Really??! Nerolac claims the same in 2 hours! Beat that, bitch!

MMS want to retire and become a saint ” Sri Sri Scamananda”. Sonia will become “Mata Loot-Ananda-Mayi”

ROFL. On the car in front “Jaat risky after whisky”!! Mwahahaha =D

Chaar Baje gaye lekin party abhi baaki he…Aussies Ghar gaye PAKIS abhi baaki he :):)

Greg Chappell had told us that Raina would be a great finisher at the World Cup. He just didn’t specify which World Cup

Were I to spot Ravi Shastri now, I’d chase him so damn hard he’d say “You get the fleeing…”

Selfish performance by extras.

I wanna sweat diamonds like Dhoni in the Bravia ad

@bigfatphoenix Rohan Gavaskar was a calculated risk.”

SRK in Ra One: Fighting like Rocky. Dressing like Rocky S.

Hope is better than pope!#sidhuism #perkytweets

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