Visual Perky Tweets Mar 11, β€˜11

Switch off your TV and take your eyes off the comedy shows. Watch some really funny pictures in this weeks Visual Perkytweets! Have a look!

Great pic! !! 7 scam maaf.. – @Nidhik20

This has been causing Traffic jams and even accidents on Residency rd –

Dhokebaaaz! – @whizkidd

SONIA’S HAND MADE PICKLE… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ – @amitweeter

Ultimate #RPS #rant- @victorvic

Ultimate #RPS #rant

New Bike with “Body Balance”- @iTannu

New Bike with

Kamran Akmal gets new gloves? check out – @diogeneb

Kamran Akmal gets new gloves

Hope that you enjoyed viewing these. Do check out the earlier versions of Visual Perky Tweets and have fun. Tip us using #Vperkytweets to get featured in our weekly edition of Visual Perky Tweets.Β 

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