BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 25, ‘10

Spicy SaturdayMerry Christmas to all our friends and readers. Cakes, biscuits and more Christmas specialities would be cooking right now in many homes. We are coming. 🙂 On a serious note, be alert and enjoy. For all those wanting to read amazing stuff this weekend, we have some very interesting posts from the Indian Bloggers. Time for Spicy Picks. 🙂

  • Who : Giribala Joshi
    What : How To Keep Your Husband Busy During Holiday Season
    Spicy : The much awaited holiday season has started! 🙂 If you are wondering how to keep your spouse busy at home and not letting him go out of the house too often then our former notable newbie has some awesome solutions for you! Check out Giribala’s post!

  • Who : Abhishek
    What : Breaking News: Lashkar-e-Taiba sues Rahul Gandhi over Wikileaks remarks
    Spicy: The headline of this post says it all. You can imagine the authors imagination and humor. 🙂 Rahul Gandhi has completely ignored the terror activities of LeT and so LeT has filed a defamation case against him! Weird thoughts come together to compose this post. Must read! Thank you Smita for this tip. 🙂

  • Who : Ritu Lalit
    What : Science of Adjust and Jugaad
    Spicy: We are all familiar with the ever-Indian-famous wordJugaad! Wherever you have to adjust,Jugaad comes to rescue. Ritu is narrating how she implemented this in her personal life with all problems with her in-laws and the adjustment of girls in general! What’s theJugaad of your life? Know more about her life in ourinterview.

  • Who : Sugandha
    What : The “god of inside”
    Spicy :Words fall short to describe this ballad, for this poem has left us ecstatic!The inner power of love & music which seem small in life, come out as a savior in ‘God of inside’.This power is now celebrated by the rejoicer, read this amazing post by Sugandha Banga, the brilliant composer!

  • Who : Binayak Ghosh
    What : Wikileaks: Voice Against Tyranny
    Spicy : While there are so many controversies doing the rounds, Wikileaks is one subject from which no one divagates. Wikileaks has nudged the sleeping governments & left everyone in splits. Binayak is in support of Wikileaks & is putting light on the benefits of Wikileaks and why they are correct according to him. Must read!

  • Who : Nandita
    What : An unpleasant experience with Paediatrician Dr. Niranjan Rao
    Spicy : As a parent you are always concerned about your child; especially when your child is a toddler. The child’s hygiene is at priority. No one would tolerate any wrong doing or a laid back attitude. But Nandita had an experience of this sort. She lists down points which every parent should read. Go ahead!

  • Who : AK
    What : That Undying Christmas Spirit
    Spicy : The year is coming to an end with the pleasant occasion of Christmas! Everyone waits for Santa to come and fill their life with joy and happiness. AK is winding up her year by becoming a Santa herself for a small kid and adding a little joy to his life. Whom are you being Santa to? Read this post and get inspired!

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