BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 27, ’10

Spicy SaturdayAt the start of the Asian games, we had asked if we could repeat the same feats which we had accomplished in the Commonwealth games. The answer is ‘well almost’! We have managed to get 64 medals which comprise of 14 gold, 17 silver and 33 bronze medals. Very very impressive. What say friends? Let us celebrate the weekend by reading the best blog posts from the Indian blogs.

  • Who : Maria Francis
    What : Week In The Life Of A Vegetarian
    Spicy : Maria is headed towards her first on site trip to Singapore. Little did she know that all she could see there was bread and bun! Read her post on how she, a vegetarian, struggles through meat, Bok Choy and tofu!

  • Who : Jamshed Rajan
    What : Facebook dashboard changes due to Facebook Mail
    Spicy: Facebook Email has been a topic of discussion since the news was out. Have you tried imagining Facebook Email like the regular Check out this super hilarious post by Jamshed on a sneak peak to his version of Facebook Mail!

  • Who : Shyam
    What : Tales From Ambalapuzha
    Spicy Shyam pens down a story of a 65 year old retired headmaster from Ambalapuzha who teaches us how one good decision can change one’s life. He chose his family over the luxurious life then; but the satisfaction he gets is worth it now. Read and get inspired!

  • Who : Maals
    What : Eve Teasing? Are you Kidding me?
    Spicy : Eve-teasing, a milder word for molestation, is not as mild in India. Some women are waking up to fight back while some others are still asked to zip their mouth. Do we want to imbibe the latter values in our coming generation of girls? Read this post and answer Maals questions.

  • Who : K Balakumar
    What : Exclusive expose: More taped conversations of journo
    Spicy : Are you tired of discussions of tapped conversations everywhere? Then read this hilarious post where Balakumar describes three phone calls, putting light on different perceptions of a journalist’s job!

  • Who : Thyagarajan Delli
    What : Why caste in census is necessary
    Spicy : Government dropped a bomb in 2007 with the announcement of caste based reservations without any caste census. The last cast based census was carried way back in 1931! Do we need caste reservation or ‘survival of the fittest’ should be the mantra? Flip through this post!

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