BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep 14, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksWe have a World Wrestling Champion from India!! Sushil Kumar has won the Gold in the World Wrestling Championships and returned to a hero’s welcome yesterday. Media was busy with Salman Khan, his controversial interview while Sushil’s achievements were not highlighted. Let us all congratulate Sushil and wish him all the best. 🙂 Indian bloggers, here are the gold posts for this week.

  • Who : The Mom Writes
    What : The Magic of Music for Toddlers:
    Tangy : We start with a super post from ‘The Mom writes’, where she tells us the magic of Music on Toddlers. A post which is a must read for all, just for the sheer information and they way it has been composed.

  • Who : Mansi Bhatia
    What : September 11, 2010: let the healing begin
    Tangy : Mansi takes us back to 9/11 in this post. This post is about what went through an Indian staying there and her thoughts. We loved the last paragraph and you cannot miss it.

  • Who : Nandini Chhatre
    What : Gnapati Bappa Moraya!!
    Tangy : Morya re, Bappa Moraya re. Nandini celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi and has posted her views and pictures in this post all the way from Amsterdam. 🙂

  • Who : Jean
    What : Gandhiji, Mahabali and a distracted Mother
    Tangy : Kids can come up with very wise questions. This post proves that. You gotta read this conversation between a Son and his Mom. Jean, we can understand what you would have gone through. 😛

  • Who : Nisha
    What : On Religion
    Tangy : Everyone has a view on Religion. Nisha has some interesting questions and views on Religion in this post. What do you think?

  • Who : Aarti Kulkarni
    What : Power of the stars!
    Tangy : This post could garner a host of mixed reactions depending on the school of thought each one comes from, says Aarti. Why do you think she thinks like that? Read the post and find out.

  • Who : Naveen
    What : …Reporting live from the Stadium…
    Tangy : How does it feel to report live from a football stadium? Ask Naveen as he shares his experiences with us in this post.

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