Tribute to Dad!

Before the sun rises you wake up and then wake me up. I love you for that. Whenever I fall, you are there to support me. I love you for that. You are the one with big heart and is the gift which God has given. I love you for that. Every sacrifice you make to make our family happy, I love you for that. There are times when I want to say how much I love you for being such a loving father, but cannot. I love you Dad! We are sure most of you feel the same for your dad but have not been able to say it. Here is an opportunity to express what you have in your heart for your dad. On the eve of Father’s day, we present to you ‘Tribute to Dad’ contest.

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce this week’s contest called ‘Tribute to Dad’.

  • Write tribute to your dad on your blog. Express what you always wanted to tell and were looking for the moment to do it. Here is the chance and a different way to make your Dad happy this father’s day.
  • Choose a gift for your dad from and incorporate that in your blogpost..
  • Add a Link in your blog post, mentioning this BlogAdda contest announcement AND leave a comment here (stating the link to your post), so we know for sure, that you are participating.
  • In case of any discrepancies, the decision of the judge(s) will be final.

The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday Jun 16, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, Jun 22, ’10, 11:59 pm IST. Hurry Up!

Results will be announced on the BlogAdda website by Friday, Jun 25, ’10.

And here’s the most interesting part, the TOP THREE winning entries can choose personalized goodies (T-Shirt/Mug) from

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  1. Well how do you get the picture .. from pingoo I had the same problem last time and now again… I have created a account everything there.. Still I cant save a picture
    can someone please tell me how to do it PLEASE


  2. i am very thankful to u for being so careful for all of us . u do more for us though we are girls. u do ur best in the atmosphere where many girls doesn’t get a right of higher education. but sorry baba we are not with u when u need us . i wish if there is re birth i will like to be ur son & try to do more which make u happy & proud .

  3. neither I nor anyone can be capable of expressing contributions or greatness of a is a father who is mainly responsible of ours beingness/survival on this earth.
    without a father & amother we can never dream of coming on this goes withot saying the significance of a father who supports his spouses right from childhood to the last breathe of our life.we cannot express his greatness in words & sentences,we can feel it with our sensuary nervous system.our hearts can feel it but brain can only try to
    express heartist love & sincer gratututeness to my father.
    kailash thakur,retd.joint commissioner

  4. Dear bloggadda,Thankyou so much for informing me about this wonderful contest.

    Though my father is not with us physically I too would luv to participate in this contest as I am also one among the many who love dad.

    Please check my Blog at:

    love you always dad


    A proud daughter……

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  7. Hey There

    Dad Thanks For Giving Me This Life And Always Giving Me Financial Backup Every Now And Then.

    Dad You Take Several Pains For Me Dad Dont Think That I Dont Know What Pains Have You Taken For Me When You Were Jobless.

    Dad Dont Ever Think That I Will Leave You Alone In Your Life Dad Whenever You Need Me Then Just Call Me I Promise That I Will Always Be Beside You.

    Dada I Say In Two Lines That I Feel Proud That You Are My Dad And I Love You I Love You And I Love You.

  8. O Dad! It’s because of you that my heart is beating, its all for you benevolence that I’m. My day starts and ends with you even if you are miles away. Words cannot describe my feelings, only you can comprehend. Papa, I am coming back to you!

  9. please ignore the first comment from me. that is the link to my blog. the second is a link to the specific post for this contest. sorry 4 the trouble!

  10. I simply failed to add the widgte in my wordpress blog… It showed in windows live writer but when I published, it was gone πŸ™ I tried adding it in ‘edit html’ form, but failed πŸ™ I have added a link though, hope that’s fine??????

  11. Yes, a link would be fine, Debosmita.

    The Judge Anand Ramchandran (@bigfatphoenix on Twitter) will choose the winning entries today.

  12. At the outset apology to my daughter for the delay.Infact I suddenly became young after reading the article on father’s day.

    What about photocopying of several pages of your books and you taking away coins from my purse.Maybe it is for next father’s day!

    By the way is there a daughter’s day?
    Well I am happy my daughter is a great writer.Wish you good luck on your literary aspirations.

  13. my late father might be in happier & blessing mood to see that his son is capable of
    contributing tributes to his father on the father’s contest. we canot explain in words & sentences the contributions of our dad who sacrifices all his happiness just for a smile on the face of his son which gives boundless pleasure to him & a little cry of his son gives him fathomless pain & take all possible steps to get him silenced & smiled.
    crores & crores pranam to my late pitaji hoping for his never ending blessings showreing upon me from his heavenly dwellings.
    kailash thakur

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