Conversation with Avinash Raghava of NASSCOM

NASSCOM is the premier organisation that represents and sets the tone for public policy for the Indian software industry. We are lucky to have Avinash Raghava, Regional Director of NASSCOM, talk to us at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010. Avinash handles the social media activities at NASSCOM often blogging and is very active on Emerge Community, which has about 25,000 members. He is also responsible for the organisation’s presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

In this conversation with us, he talks about the various initiatives NASSCOM is doing to connect and network it’s users. Also, he answers questions on using social media tools within the organisation and very rightly mentions, ‘..that it is not about tools, but with the culture changes for any organisation..’. On the eve of NASSCOM Emerge Out Conclave at Chennai tomorrow, we have Avinash Raghava talking with BlogAdda. Do check out the video.

Thank you so much Avinash for taking out time and talking to us. You can connect with Avinash Raghava on Twitter and LinkedIn.

It is a pleasure to know that organisations like NASSCOM are learning to use social media effectively. Readers, we will be covering the NASSCOM Emerge Out Conclave LIVE, that is being held in Chennai tomorrow (Apr. 30 – Check out the Speakers). Do follow us on Twitter @LIVEAdda to get real time updates.

2 Replies to “Conversation with Avinash Raghava of NASSCOM”

  1. Thanks BlogAdda for sharing Avinash experience in using Social Media tools for NASSCOM conferences.

    I must say NASSCOM leverages Social Media better than many corporate brands in India.

  2. this website really convenient for all.I must say NASSCOM leverages Social Media better than many corporate brands in India.

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