Perky Tweets – Apr. 12, ‘10

BlogAdda's perky Tweets‘OMG! It is Monday, yelled the people all around while commuting’, says one of our addaites. So what if it is Monday? We believe in ‘Work is important– keep at it, stay hungry, stay foolish and start your week by reading the #perkytweets’. Time for the #perkytweets by now-so popular Indian Twitter Users.

“Life is a box of chocolates” – Forrest Gump.. “Mine is empty! duped by the stupid vendor” – Mihir Bijur

#FaticharEnglish Aap Bahut “Impotent” Aadmi Hain Hamare Liye.  …………………

wife, who hates cricket, wakes me up to ask if I want to “see this”. Angad Bedi talking to Danny Morrison. (ed)

Murali Vijay wanted the single, but Hayden is only into married chicks.  …………………

Why is Aishwarya still not pregnant ?? because Abhishek is busy playing “Ungli cricket”

When Ravi Shastri was born, his first words were “Just what the doctor ordered

How to call dildo delicately: Battery Powered Adult Recreational Penis #perkytweets ;P

The way news channels are going gaga over Ayesha-Shoaib-Sania story I think it can be used to torture Kasab into confession. #perkytweets

Whatever may be your Sun Sign, You become Pisces in this damn hot Summer, Drinking lot of H2O. #perkytweets

Looks like Haydos not follows Dhoni on twitter but also in the match he is out pollard on hattrick #perkytweets #ipl

Pak Govt tells Shoaib his marriage was an act of Stupidity! Havent we all been told this by someone or the other if not d govt? #perkytweets

Q: what would arnold Schwarzenegger name his abortion clinic ? A: “Hasta la vista Baby!” #perkytweets #bad #PJ

so what if Sania is second wife of Shoiab. Her Personal choice. Her Second serve is always better

aghar exam mein question paper ho out of control, paper ko aeroplane banakar bol, “aall izzz FAIL” #perkytweets #fb

Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion. 😛 #perkytweets

I hope #India completes the 3G drama before the world starts going for 4G! #perkytweets @wlsuch

The Primary use of Hockey Sticks in India: To beat up people with it! 😛 #perkytweets

Napoleon’s dog was a Bone Apart! #perkytweets #fb        ……………………………………

Dimple Kapadia & Tina want a National award for Akshay Kumar. I hope they meant National Geographic Award. #perkytweets

Read in TOI – Nalini(R Gandhi assassin) completed her MCA wth 75%. Guess she’s ready 2 write sum #jailbreaking code.ny1 hiring?#PerkyTweets

What is the difference between LaMo and NaMo ? One is into prohibition and the other is into exhibition ! #perkytweets

You know you drink too much coffee when your birthday is a national holiday in Brazil. #perkytweets

Rajnikant’s TITANIC in tamil! Climax revised Both survive. Rajni swims Atlantic, heroine in 1hand&Titanic in the other. #perkytweets @sagz

We have been doing this for a long time now and this is something that we will not ever stop doing. You guys are getting creative by the day and it’s so much joy to compile this every week for you. All those who mark their tweets as #perkytweets and make ppl smile – each one of you is simply superb!

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