BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – May. 2, ’09

Spicy Saturday

Kamisaraki? (Hello in Bolivian). Mumbai’s Voter turnout was less than last year 🙁 . The Third phase of elections got over peacefully with exception to stray incidents here and there. Many people are making use of the fourth long weekend in a row 🙂 . For all those who wanna make their weekend worthwhile by reading some interesting posts from the Indian Blogosphere. We have it for you..

    • Who : Asfaq Tapia
      What : How to make Retweeting better?
      Spicy : If you are in Twitter, you know what retweeting is. Asfaq shares with us his views on how one can ‘Retweet’ better by adding value to their ‘Retweeted tweets’. A interesting read.

    • Who : Rahul Dash
      What : The future of IIT Mumbai
      Spicy : IIT Mumbai is one of the premier IIT institutes of India. We have an insider’s view on what all changes have happened and will continue to happen in IIT Mumbai. Rahul has done justice by reviewing each and every change that has happened and will happen in the coming years. A Must read!!

    • Who : Gunjan
      What : You must print your photos from time to time
      Spicy : There are some moments which are captured by our camera, which are bound to bring a nostalagic feeling when you see them after many years. But there are some pictures which are not printed and which stay in your PC  or in your memory card. Gunjan makes us realize that there is a difference when you view the picture in your PC and when you take a print. Read on..

    • Who : Vrijilesh Rai
      What : Rivalry
      Spicy : Vrijilesh in this Spicy Saturday pick makes a very interesting observation which is bound to raise a lot of questions in the print media. There has been always rivalry in the print media, but what happens when a newspaper sponsors a team and the competitor refuses to name them in their newspaper. What is your take on that??

    • Who : MyBandra
      What : Online CAT: What to expect?
      Spicy : CAT (Common Aptitude Test) is gonna go online this year as many sites and articles are reporting. MyBandra blogs has a very interesting article on what one can expect if the CAT goes online. A sure read for all those who are looking for information about MBA.

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