BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 24, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksHallo, hoe zijn u? (Hello, how are you in Dutch) It was a great start to the week by the launch of Nano, There was bit of dampener in news when IPL was shifted out of India for reasons not convincing and the death of a student at IIT. We have all this for you in our this week’s edition of ”Tangy Tuesday Picks’.

  • Who : Kajal Kumar
    What : Aaj Nano aayi re (Hindi)
    Tangy: ‘Nano’ is the the word which everyone would have mentioned atleast once till now. Ever wondered what effects will it have once it comes on road? Kajal Kumar at his comical best illustrates the aftereffects!

  • Who : Ram Kumar
    What : #iitdeath: The Day it was.
    Tangy : Our Second Tangy pick for this week is by Ram Kumar from IIT Kharagpur. This post is unique for many reasons as it was among the first to cover the death of an IIT student in the Kharagpur campus. It acquires more significance as there was a media blackout after the incident and this post gave us an idea about what was really happening.

  • Who :  Shiv Aroor
    What : They’ve got Feroze Varun all wrong
    Tangy :  Shiv Aroor, one of the top defense journalists in India on his personal blog has this very interesting post and gives a new twist to the Varun Gandhi Saga. According to him, another brain has worked in the whole incident. Read on to find more…

  • Who : Rahi Vidhya
    What : Langdi Lalita
    Tangy : This Tangy pick highlights some of the issues faced by handicapped people when even the family starts disowning them. A very thoughtful post by Rahi Vidhya tells us a story of a lady called “Langdi Lalitha’. Must read!

  • Who : Rakesh
    What : IPL goes the NRI way
    Tangy :  Sunday was a gloomy day for all the cricket fans in India as it was announced that this edition of IPL would be held in foreign shores. Rakesh in this post relates this incident to the mentality of NRI’s. A sure read for all the cricket fans who felt the disappointment as Rakesh did.

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