Update on Mozilla Camp Delhi

Delhi’s First Unconference on Mozilla Firefox held on 10th Feb 2009 will always be cherished and remembered for it is the day when Delhi finally had it’s share of Mozilla Love, meeting Mozilla Stalwarts – Arun Ranganathan (Standards Evangelist) & Seth Bindernagel (Director, Localization) at Indian Social Insitute. MozillaCampDelhi saw adrenaline rushing atmosphere, right from the word go. Volunteers turned up early, helping out with all getting Video Testimonials done, to the initial hiccups.

MozillaCampDelhi started out on a dull note, with Wifi Hassles & stuff which easily shifted gears and had participants scratching their foreheads. They managed to squeeze in presentations on SLIM Server (Courtesy Gaurav) and on Web 2.0 (Courtesy Manu of Sapient). No wonder, audiences were left pondering why was MozillaCampDelhi even happening ??

Brainstorming Done –
(a) What is Mozilla? Why do we actually Firefox? This query caught many offguard, and we had no hesitations in claiming that Firefox is mostly used on a trial Basis, and then taken further.

(b) Favourite Addon – No wonder, Stumbleupon was echoed ( Someone just couldn’t stop himself from stating that Adblock Plus was infact the MOST downloaded Addon)

(c) Opera, Chrome or Firefox – Well, Nilanjan first raised the query as his style of browsing was quite suited on Opera. Heated Exchanges proceeded, not to mention they had to actually shift the focus.

(d) Gmail Squabbles – Since, Chrome was launched Gmail faced problems on Firefox, all & sundry attested the fact.

(e) ThunderBird – Someone remarked as to why the Camp was only Firefox eccentric? Hence Thunderbird came to picture. Someone raised a query as to why was the need of even using Thunderbird when Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo services were available? We don’t recollect getting a satiable reply.

All in all it was a happy endings..

Thanks to  Mohak Prince for providing us with the inputs.

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