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Winning is Everything!

We’re all on a celebrating spree! The festive season is on… Innumerable sweets stacked in the house savoured by you everyday. There’s another sweet taste that we all absolutely love but seldom are able to actually lay our hands on! We’re talking about the sweet taste of victory! It makes you feel so wonderful and just undoubtedly on top of the world. Everyone’s congratulating you, a loud applause and whistles, nothing but you matters at that moment when you are announced as a WINNER!

Winning is Everything!

It is your moment, all the eyes are on you eagerly waiting to hear the winner’s story! You sure don’t want to mess this up! All the attention and long-awaited recognition sure makes you jittery but there’s no doubt that you want to make the most of this moment! So, here’s what we thought of for you our dear bloggers! Why not be prepared for the best and just write your winning speech on receiving the prestigious and much desired BlogAdda Blog Award!

Do not forget to thank everyone you must for your victory 🙂 Who inspired you? What got you blogging? Your secret desire about who you should receive the award from? When your name is announced, who do you want to be getting your first congratulatory hug from? How happy are you about winning this BlogAdda Award? What would you gift your blog with for getting you this award? A little indulgence never hurts. So, what would you pamper yourself with for winning the amazing BlogAdda Award?

As bloggers, we all know that we’re known and remembered for our words! Make your winning speech absolute fun and let everybody who hears you (reads you) remember you for having given the best winning speech ever! 😀

The best posts will receive special surprises from BlogAdda.

Please include this code in your post:

Click here to copy this code

This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the <a title="BlogAdda Blog Awards" href="" target="_blank">BlogAdda Blog Award!</a>

Submit your blog post here.

35 Responses to “Winning is Everything!”

  1. Ah! What a contest! I am in 🙂

  2. Priyanka says:

    I didn’t nominate my blog for blogadda awards…can i still try my hand on this speech writing contest?

  3. Cindrella says:

    I’m new to blogging. Can i participate in this context?

  4. admin says:

    @Someone is Special – Looking forward to your speech!

    @Priyanka – Yes, you can!

    @Cindrella – Sure.

    @Nandini – 🙂

  5. chitra says:

    when in the last day

  6. Team BlogAdda says:

    @chitra The last date to submit your entries of the winning speech is November 24, 2013. Looking forward to your entries 🙂

  7. Akanksha says:

    The code doesn’t seem to be working. Where are we to submit the entries?

  8. Team BlogAdda says:

    @Akanksha We just checked. The code is working fine. You have to submit your entries in the form to which you are redirected when you click on the ‘Submit your blog post here’ button.

  9. Bushra says:

    This is an amazing opportunity! Any last date for the blog post submission? 🙂

  10. Team BlogAdda says:

    @Bushra The last date to submit your entries of the winning speech is November 24, 2013. Looking forward to your entries.

  11. Here is my submission:

    I thought I had submitted this link before, but it is not reflecting here…..

    Anyways, have submitted my link again..

  12. Admins, not able to login with username and password. Please help submitting my entry. Have sent mail to for new password, awaiting reply

  13. Mayura rao says:

    I have submitted my entry but I received an error message saying you need to write about blogadda award however I submitted it a second time but still no confirmation, do I also need to submit the link here in the comment section??

  14. dipti says:

    Thanks team I have resolved the issues and entered the contest

  15. The dream I wish to turn into reality – I won… I won..

    Someone is Special

  16. rakhee1 says:

    I tried submitting my blog again so I get a duplicate message if I have succeeding in submitting the 1st time of which I was not sure, I’m sorry if there have been duplicate submissions, please check

  17. chitra says:

    when are the results :p…..

  18. Tushar says:

    Finally, I’m ready with my post that’s literally emanating gratitude 😀

  19. Ragini Puri says:

    Hi Team BlogAdda,
    Have shared the post through the submission link provided. Posting the link here too:

  20. last date was november 24th?

  21. Anita says:


    Thanks BlogAdda!
    Really feels great! As if I have Won! 🙂

  22. Nandini Deka says:

    submitted mine in the form long back

  23. When can we expect the results?

  24. Dear Team,

    Can we have an update on this?

    Sarav 🙂

  25. Team BlogAdda says:

    Hi Sarav,

    We request you to give us about a week’s time and we’ll surely update you on it!

  26. mayura rao says:

    Dear team,
    Any update now?

  27. Dear BlogAdda, any updates yet?!

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