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‘Divine Is You’ Contest

He: Let us go for a long drive today.
She: Where to?
He: To a place where its just you and me with only the moon watching us.

Gillette Satin Care Contest

She: (thinks in her mind) ‘I wish I had done my hair removal before going out. He has the clean shaven look. What do I do?

At your adda, we have another brand new contest for you.

Include this line  ‘I wish I/she had opted for my/her hair removal’ in your blogpost.

Let us start writing! Let us start the new year with your stories.  Open the taps of creativity and let your emotions flow. :)  The entries can be humorous, witty or even emotional. You can include photos as a part of the story.


  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini
  • A voucher worth Rs 400 for first 50 eligible entries*.

Some of the examples of the post would be:

  • A post about any funny incident where you cleverly include the above line.
  • A poem for the ones who are really very creative.
  • Begin a post with this line and take the story forward.

Include this code to make the post eligible.

Ciick here and copy the code

This post is a part of the <a href="" title="Gillette Satin Satin Care" target="_blank">Gillette Satin Care</a> contest in association with <a href="" title="" target="_blank"> </a>

The Gillette Lady @divineisyou is taking in questions at Conversations! Participate now!

The last date for this contest is Jan 30th 2013. 🙂

* T&C Apply

106 Responses to “‘Divine Is You’ Contest”

  1. Uma says:

    wow! another contest and I am all geared in for this .The gifts are alluring as with the previous Gillette contest and I am now tweeting about this contest to my friends too 🙂

  2. Lavanya says:

    Superb contest! Loved it totally!
    My post for “Divine Is You” contest.

  3. This is my post for the contest.

    “The Spooky Honeymoon ”
    Here is the link

  4. A murder story with the concept of hair removal intriguingly woven into it:

    Arvind Passey

  5. A murder story with the concept of hair removal intriguingly woven into it:

  6. Here is my post..hope you guys like it 🙂

  7. CHITRA says:

    You think Jack and Jill went upto the hill to fetch a pail of water?

    Then guys you got it wrong…

    My entry Jack and Jill (new poem)

  8. Uma says:

    Two poems – one a shape poem and the other with a rhyming lines
    titled ” Haunt me Clean off the mask of Love ! ”

  9. Lavanya says:

    Please accept my comment….I commented long back yesterday but you have not accepted it is in moderation 🙁

  10. Hetal says:

    Here is the entry for the Divine is You contest written by my spouse…. 🙂

    Please do check it. 🙂

  11. Drac69 says:

    What are the T&C??
    Gillette’s previous contest’s result not out yet…

  12. My entry : Divine is you︱Fairy Godmother

    Guess who/what is the fairy Godmother… 🙂

  13. manjulika pramod says:

    My Entry …

    Not one but three times I goofed up and Now I have learnt from my mistakes…
    Mantra is Don’t be lazy, Make your love go Crazy!

  14. Afshan says:

    Hi all.

    Here is a poem which reflects how Gillete Satin care helped her look divine and gifted her a “Divine evening” !! Hope U all like reading it 🙂 Do acknowledge my Poem. Thanks

  15. Afshan says:

    To be clear the above post is my entry for the contest:) I have One query. Can we post more than one entry ? if the other entries are also in first 50 will the participant be given 2 vouchers ?

  16. Sanjay G says:

    My submission for the Gillette – Blogadda contest…

  17. Sanjay G says:

    Another submission for the Gillette – Blogadda contest. This was Sangeetha’s idea 🙂

  18. gayatri soni says:

    Whether I write a poem or a story, I shall have to add this line compulsorily. Is it so?

    Please, clear my confusion.

  19. Sonaal Pannu says:

    Here’s my entry (a poem) for the Gillette Satin Care-Blogadda contest…hope you like it! 🙂

  20. My second entry is a poem…

    Poetry is an art-form… and so is getting a satin-smooth skin!

  21. Ekta Khetan says:

    Here’s my first entry-

    Hope I make in top 50? 🙂

    Folks, do read my post and let me know what u think! 🙂

  22. Hi Dear Blogosphere Citizens, Presenting my entry for “Divine is You” titled “MY POOR SOBBING SIS:-(” at
    Blogadda ID :-Rakhee

  23. Wow! This is a real fun contest!

    Here is my entry. Hope you enjoy reading it.

  24. Hanif Murad says:

    Hi folks. Here is my entry.

    Oh, to be a masseur

  25. Hi everyone

    Why do some girls DO NOT shave:
    My entry to the competition:

    Now it’s time to read what everyone has written. All the best to everyone!

    Agony Dude

  26. Govind Mehrotra says:


    Their goes out my blog to you. Read it, Enjoy it, Love it! 🙂

    (Although I have made my submission long back via the comments section above, just posting the link here also to make sure that I do not miss out on this awesome contest!)

  27. shalini baisiwala says:

    Ok – here is my effort for this hilarious and interesting topic. Hope I have done justice to it.

  28. Kalyan says:

    Here goes my shaving song…

  29. I posted my entries yesterday, but my comments are still awaiting moderation, while comments posted today have already appeared on the feed. Here are my entries again.

    Hair and There – a comic strip :

    The Dying Soldier – a tragicomic poem :

  30. Apurva says:

    My entry for the competition :
    When disasters come in the way of beautiful dreams!

  31. Richa Singh says:

    My entry for the contest is here:

    Like always loved writing for this topic 🙂

  32. Richa Singh says:

    My entry for the contest is here:

    Like always loved writing for the contest 🙂

  33. Done. 🙂 my entry for this contest here————->

  34. my entry for the contest, i was very very late this time!!

  35. Saru Singhal says:

    A poem on the contest prompt. Read it here:

    Good Luck Everyone 🙂

  36. Rat says:

    Here is my entry.. Bit of fun.. Bit of romance..

    please do comment there.. cos I, indeed, value and appreciate it. 🙂

    Have Fun Reading.. 🙂

  37. Akila says:

    Hey! sorry but some problem with my blogpage. Resubmitting the link:

  38. Hi Blogadda, when will the results be declared?

  39. CHITRA says:

    when will the results be declared?

  40. Jingles! says:

    Yeah,….when will be result declared….soo waiting for it 🙂 hope to win 🙂 Best of luck to all n me 🙂

  41. I had written my entry to the contest, which I have posted earlier here. Unfortunately, wordpress my host, deleted the blog post saying Im advertising a product(coz I added Gillette in the title). So I had to export my entire blog from wordpress to blogger 🙁 So here’s my blogpost, the same one which I had posted earlier in this thread itself, but now its on Blogger. So much for participating in a contest!

  42. waiting for the results

  43. Lavanya says:

    When will the results be declared?

  44. Avantika says:

    Results Pleaseee

  45. Tejaswini says:

    Waiting for results!

  46. Avantika says:

    What About the results

  47. who are the winners??

  48. Waiting eagerly for the winners. I check this page multiple times every day! 🙁 #excited

  49. Jingles! says:

    its a month now……blogadda declare the results plzzzz :/

  50. Winners please!!!!!!!

  51. Just noticed that the results for this contest are yet undeclared… which means there must be quite a few worthy entries making it terribly difficult for the judges to finalise the winners.

    Hope they declare the winners soon.

    Arvind Passey

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