Waves 2019, BITS Pilani, Goa

Waves is BITS Goa’s annual cultural fest, a melting pot of art, talent, skill, creativity, and intellectual prowess in their purest forms that attracts students from across the nation. During Waves, students can witness all sorts of amazing competitions, including breathtaking dance-offs, eclectic musical performances, heated debates, intense poetry slams, and a wide variety of other interesting events.

Waves 2019, BITS Pilani, Goa

Break the chains of monotony, and set the explorer free, because this Waves they are going on an electrifying journey. Let yourself be consumed by Wanderlust, and walk through sprightly forests, rugged mountains and gushing rivers. Board the whistling trains, and sail the mighty seas. go En Voyage, and let adventure fill your soul. Dance among the fireflies, and listen to Summer birds sing, as you lose yourself in what promises to be an epic odyssey of three days. It’s time to move out of the shadows of everyday life because every tale has two shades. This Waves, explore the unexplored and En Voyage on Uncharted Ventures.

The “Big 4” includes:
Natyanjali – Natyanjali is a stage team dance competition that has colleges from all across the country bringing their best. There are two categories in this event: Thematic where teams convey a message through their dance and Non-thematic where the teams perform anything they wish.
FashP – This is our fashion design and choreography competition and it receives participation from teams coming from over 100 colleges. It is one of the most highly anticipated events in the fest. FashP has provided a platform for students to show their taste and style in fashion. Fire up the ramp with your panache and confidence in this battle of beauty and style.
SeaRock – One of the most grandiose semi-pro rock band competitions in the country. Alumni of the likes of Zygnema, The Family Cheese, Knight Shades, and Inner Sanctum. Bringing you enticing opportunities to showcase your talents, Searock is back with its 15th iteration this fall.
Mr. and Ms. Waves – Held in the auditorium, it is a personality-based contest packed with grueling interviews, impromptu performances and a cutthroat talent round. The highlight of this event is the notorious Notepad Guy, who makes each performance all the more entertaining.

Pre-Waves Comedy Nights

A packed auditorium coupled with much anticipation greeted comedians Anubhav Singh Bassi and Samay Raina at the Pre-Waves Comedy Night a wholesome success if the lumps of laughter and the applause were anything to go by. This has also set a bar for on-fest comedy, the performers of which are due to be announced soon.

The Nites

In keeping with tradition, expect each of the three ‘Pro Nites’ this Waves to be dedicated to a different genre. Lose yourself to the dance floor as EDM fills the air around you on the DJ Nite. Past editions have seen giants like Lost Stories and Nucleya perform, leaving the crowd completely spent after a night of rave dancing.

Groove to the rhythm of the Indie Nite, which has featured performances by renowned artists from the likes of ‘The F16s’, ‘As We Keep Searching’, ‘The Blackstratblues’ and ‘Thermal And A Quarter’. This year, get ready to witness ‘The Local Train’, a band whose performance has grown tremendously over the years to become one of the most sought after Indie artists, producing edgy yet meaningful music.

‘Bollywood a.k.a Hindi Nite’ is perhaps the biggest. While the epithet is self-explanatory, names like Farhan Akhtar, Kailash Kher, Vishal-Shekhar and Shankar Mahadevan, which have highlighted the occasion, need no introduction. Diving into our Bollywood Night’s madness we’re reaching out to our most cherished memory of our favorite performer Amit Trivedi Live! Join them on this island of insanity on the 2nd of November, with the night they’re not going to forget.

For more details, visit https://www.bitswaves.org/
Members of BlogAdda interested to attend write to us at bavity@blogadda.com

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  1. I wish to attend this event but got no reply since 4 days now. Sent an email and contacted Blogadda on Twitter as well.

  2. It was the festive season and our team was out for holidays. We replied immediately thereafter and got in touch! 🙂

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