BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 6, ’13

Spicy Saturday

The baadshah of #t20 is here. Every evening we will have lots of families glued to the television sets. Are you among them? If not, you would have recieved a newsletter from us listing the things that you can do over the weekend. Once you do that, come back here to read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere. Presenting to you the Spicy Saturday Picks from the best bloggers for you to read this weekend.

    • Who: Urmi Chanda Vaz
      What: Middle of a dream
      Spicy: My fingers are locked in yours (but who are you, again?)
      this is surely the middle of a dream.

    • Who: Madhuri Banerjee
      What: Quick Sand
      Spicy: I am your home. When you are done with work. When life gives you time. When family stops making demands. When you are finally free.

    • Who: Sangeeta Sundaram
      What: Squeeze of the Sandwich generation
      Spicy: I feel totally sandwiched between two things: aging parents and a young child on one hand and my demanding career on the other.

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