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Go from ‘Bloggers to Authors’ with BlogAdda’s exclusive opportunity!

January 7th, 2016

At BlogAdda, we love words. That’s the reason we feature great blog posts, give you prompts and reward you with prizes when you write outstanding blog posts for our activities.

But amigos, now it’s time to level up. Now is the time to take the leap of faith from blogging to writing a book. You already know the tricks of the writing trade, and BlogAdda is giving you an opportunity of epic proportions to launch your writing career. in association with BlogAdda brings to you ‘Bloggers to Authors’ – a launchpad to take your writing career into the stratosphere.


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#AddaTales – ‘It was the first rainfall of the season..’

June 25th, 2016

This Saturday is the first weekend after monsoon showering us in full earnest. It is obvious that #AddaTales also got its first taste of this amazing season with the prompt – It was the first rainfall of the season.. and our readers instantly kneaded their imagination with a pinch of love. As soon as the first raindrops blow their kiss, our hearts starts fluttering with butterflies in our stomach. Love birds come out of their hiding nests as Cupid waltzes with the clouds. Taking some inspiration from the beautiful weather outside, our participants concocted another love saga catalyzed by the first shower of the season. Read on and fall in love as we unveil a warm romance brewing up under the rain.

monsoon romantic stories

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Spicy Saturday Picks – June 25, 2016

June 25th, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Writers and bloggers have the extraordinary skills to conjure up thoughts, intertwining the subconscious into their world of stories. For the finite moments we spend on their blog, the writer has the power to hold our attention through their tapestries, taking us into their personal space, opening doors to the infinite world of imagination. From stories that take us by surprise every single day to worthy opinions on the state of the world, we are connected 24*7 to bloggers and their minds. BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks tries to maintain a fine balance between this dimension and the other multiple dimensions of your mind. We hope you find certain unspoken parts of your thoughts or life in these blog posts. If you wish to have your blog adorn this space, click here.

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WOW: “The Dripping Roof”

June 24th, 2016

The clouds have finally dropped their anchors over the nation and waking up to a musical pitter patter is a beautiful routine now. The sun seems to be enjoying a vacation after months of overwork. Overall, the days have gotten prettier, work doesn’t seem that frustrating, walks on sidewalks seem to be fun and evenings have taken on a mushy tone. When such a beautiful time coincides with an impending weekend, perhaps that’s heaven on earth. As the raindrops on the roof create their own symphonies, we are sure you might be thinking of sitting down with steaming pakoras and chai, writing a monsoon inspired post.

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10 Fashion Trends That Are Back In Vogue

June 23rd, 2016

The world of fashion keeps playing back in a loop decade after decade, never letting trends become completely obsolete. When fashion styles lose their hype, there are chances they would be making an entry back into your wardrobe some years later. So don’t fret if the sheen of your favourite trend has dulled a bit over the years, it will come back to full glory when the fashion wheel comes full circle. This Lakme Fashion Week saw the ramps filled with reimagined vintage picks from decades gone by. The hottest style trends this season are filling us with nostalgia, taking us back to decades of 60s right up to 90s.

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The BlogAdda Weekly: Conquering Depression

June 22nd, 2016

Pillars of Life – Family and Friends

Family is a cocoon that keeps you safe and warm during the worst storms. When life hits a rough patch, family is eventually what we turn to. And how much more rougher can it get than depression and anxiety? Depression is not a choice of lifestyle. It is an illness and like any other illness, it is bound to affect the family and close circle of the one suffering from it as well. Dealing with gloom, suicidal thoughts and the sheer inability of the victim to function can put immense pressure on the dynamics of the whole family. And this is exactly the time when the people close to the victim should form a protective ring around them till the storm passes.

Depression and Anxiety

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Tangy Tuesday Picks- June 21, 2016

June 21st, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

As Earth celebrates Summer Solstice today,our nation is busy twisting and turning their bodies for Yoga Day. We hope you all are adopting healthy life practices too! For those who are still busy with their screens, BlogAdda makes sure that the longest day of the year passes by in split seconds with some crisp write-ups from around the country. Hop in for some amazing stories straight from the hearts of these amazing bloggers, making our Tuesday sunny and happy all over again.  If you wish to send us your entries to be featured, submit your posts here . 

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