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Hallelujah! It’s raining Miami Blues sunglasses this August!

August 1st, 2016

Tenu kala chashma jachda ae, Jachda ae gore mukhde te, tenu kaala chashma jachda ae…this is the song that we’ve been singing in our heads (and sometimes out loud) in the BlogAdda headquarters since last week. There is something about dark sunglasses that is so mysterious, so much so that our celebrities don’t want to let go of them even in the dark of the night!

Well, BlogAdda thinks sunglasses ARE pretty cool, why else would we be giving away Miami Blues sunglasses worth Rs. 2500 everyday at BlogAdda through the month of August? Ehh, what?

Miami Blues #CelebrateBlogging

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Go from ‘Bloggers to Authors’ with BlogAdda’s exclusive opportunity!

January 7th, 2016

At BlogAdda, we love words. That’s the reason we feature great blog posts, give you prompts and reward you with prizes when you write outstanding blog posts for our activities.

But amigos, now it’s time to level up. Now is the time to take the leap of faith from blogging to writing a book. You already know the tricks of the writing trade, and BlogAdda is giving you an opportunity of epic proportions to launch your writing career. in association with BlogAdda brings to you ‘Bloggers to Authors’ – a launchpad to take your writing career into the stratosphere.


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Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 27, 2016

September 27th, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaHello everyone, weekend is over and you all must be back with your mundane chores. It’s time to refresh and get back some energy. So, stop drooling, and get ready for a good read, cause it’s tangy time with Tuesday picks! It’s time we get absorbed in the magic of words and refresh our mind, body and soul. The seven best picks from last week are here to serve you with some motivation, laughter and information. Read and tell us about your favourites, and if you wish to get a place here and be read by enthusiastic readers, submit your blog posts to us!

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Perky Tweets – September 26, 2016

September 26th, 2016

Monday is here and yes, we too are in denial for the weekend that juts passed was awesome! We hope you too had a great one. We too are back to work and the screen in front of us is blaring with everything ‘Monday’ on it! Add some scarcity of caffeine to it with loads of work and you get a perfect start! But we are here to make you giggle and chuckle so that the coming weeks starts on a bubbly note just the way it does for BlogAdda. We took some help from twitter and have skimmed the best funny tweets to make your day with #PerkyTweets.

best funny tweets
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AddaTales-“A Story My Grandma Told Me”

September 24th, 2016

Who hasn’t spent nights wrapped in Grandma’s arms listening to her stories till late. We all have wandered through the prettiest heavens, met bunnies and beasts, danced around with princes and princesses with our personal storyteller- Our Granny! This week BlogAdda got nostalgic and let grandma narrate a brand new story. This week’s prompt was- “A Story My Grandma Told Me” and our twitter friends overwhelmed us with their tales. While we got three concurrent tales, here’s the one that took us back to the good old innocent childhood days! If you missed it during our #AddaTales, here’s the full version stitched up especially for you!


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Spicy Saturday Picks – September 24, 2016

September 24th, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello everyone, weekend has finally kissed us back again. No alarms, no hurried breakfasts and no travelling through the crowds. Today, it’s you, your cosy couch and peace! It’s time for you get some hot coffee or tea accompanied with some bhajias and read through our collection of Saturday Spicy Picks. We’ve again come up with some nice thought provoking and inspiring posts from the diaries of aesthetic bloggers for all you voracious readers. We wish you all a happy weekend with these beautiful reads. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!
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‘Seize The Day’ with Carpe Diem, Festember, NIT Trichy

September 23rd, 2016

Words have an infinite power to create ripples, kindle waves of change and etch seeds of passion in every soul they touch. While words come natural and handy to all of us, there are wizards who have the magical power to weave them into their inspiring potions and let their stories open minds to new perspectives and visions. Their tell tales are not only mere words of wisdom, but a conduit to the new world that is full of opportunities and is worthy of every moment lived. NIT Trichy invites you to embark on a revolutionary journey through Carpe Diem, stories that inspire, event in Festember, 2016.


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WOW: “The Empty Train”

September 23rd, 2016

“What? Is there ever an empty train in the world?” “What’s an empty train?” If this is what’s going on in your mind, you’re not alone in your doubts! That’s completely understandable. Finding a train which is devoid of people will make you think you have landed in a completely alternate dimension, especially if you live in the metro cities of India. And as always, we ask you to think of the impossible, and write about an empty train this weekend.


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