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Hallelujah! It’s raining Miami Blues sunglasses this August!

August 1st, 2016

Tenu kala chashma jachda ae, Jachda ae gore mukhde te, tenu kaala chashma jachda ae…this is the song that we’ve been singing in our heads (and sometimes out loud) in the BlogAdda headquarters since last week. There is something about dark sunglasses that is so mysterious, so much so that our celebrities don’t want to let go of them even in the dark of the night!

Well, BlogAdda thinks sunglasses ARE pretty cool, why else would we be giving away Miami Blues sunglasses worth Rs. 2500 everyday at BlogAdda through the month of August? Ehh, what?

Miami Blues #CelebrateBlogging

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Go from ‘Bloggers to Authors’ with BlogAdda’s exclusive opportunity!

January 7th, 2016

At BlogAdda, we love words. That’s the reason we feature great blog posts, give you prompts and reward you with prizes when you write outstanding blog posts for our activities.

But amigos, now it’s time to level up. Now is the time to take the leap of faith from blogging to writing a book. You already know the tricks of the writing trade, and BlogAdda is giving you an opportunity of epic proportions to launch your writing career. in association with BlogAdda brings to you ‘Bloggers to Authors’ – a launchpad to take your writing career into the stratosphere.


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#AddaTales – ‘When He Missed The Last Train’

August 27th, 2016

For most of the week, our lives and schedules are tied up with the schedules of trains and buses and public transport in general, as they are the ones that keep our lives on track, quite literally! Especially trains, the mythical beasts that transport a vast number of people, and make people frustrated when they miss their date with it. So this time, we asked people to create an #AddaTales with the prompt ‘When he missed the last train‘. For the first time, we have a story in poetry rather than prose, so this is one tale that you shouldn’t miss!


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Spicy Saturday Picks – August 27, 2016

August 27th, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

After a week of staring at worksheets and pie charts, it’s good to read some thought provoking posts over the weekend. Now before you go out on a hunt for articles (most of whom are plain clickbait), we give you a list of best posts that we found with this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks. Also, don’t forget to pen down that ultimate story that has been left unfinished for this week’s WOW Prompt, “A Story Yet Unwritten” and get a chance to win Miami Blues sunglasses. But first things first, onward with Spicy Saturday!
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Grow your business at the India Affiliate Summit 2016

August 26th, 2016

The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is back with the 2nd Edition of its India Affiliate Summit. The event will take place on 1st & 2nd September, 2016 at The Leela, Gurgaon. The aim of the summit is to discuss innovations in the field of affiliate marketing and to understand its implications. BlogAdda is proud to partner with India Affiliate Summit 2016.

india affiliate summit 2016

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Winner Announcement: #TaxPledge activity with H&R Block!

August 26th, 2016

As children, we are always in a hurry to grow up and become adults, to live life on our own terms and conditions. But in our haste to be independent, we often neglect to think of all the responsibilities that await us once we cross that threshold. Responsibilities such as taxes; the thing that no one warns us about, or more importantly teaches us to do. Taxes and tax regulations are so confusing that most people are still winging it and will refuse to talk about taxes on principle, lest they accidentally reveal that they are just as clueless as everyone else. But there is an easier way to do taxes, with the help of e-filing platforms like H&R block, where we are just a few clicks away from filing our taxes and breathing a collective sigh of relief that we’ve fulfilled this obligation for yet another year. In that regard, we asked bloggers to take the #TaxPledge with H&R Block! And now it’s time to announce the winners of this activity!


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WOW – “A Story Yet Unwritten”

August 26th, 2016

Writers are a strange species (in a good way). They have an inbuilt instinct to filter out moments into stories that could be read by all, heard by all and stay forever. To a writer, every creation is a piece of his mastery, close to his heart, like his own child. Once inspired, a writer doesn’t breathe easy till it’s out on paper. But there’s a catch – since we want the final story to come out in the perfect form, we sometimes put off writing the story, and it remains saved in our drafts forever! Every writer has at least one story that is nearly ready, but hasn’t been presented to the world yet. If you have it, we want it!

unfinished stories

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Collective: 10 Braid Styles For Ravishing Rapunzels

August 25th, 2016

Do you too belong to the simple three strand braid club since you were in school? Well, you’re not alone! It’s the simplest to make, especially when you think that the more elaborate styles are too intimidating! Easy braid styles are hard to find as most of them need precision and patient expertise to get them right.

Your hair can become your canvas if you wish to experiment with different styles. If you get it wrong, just start over! With monsoon wreaking havoc on your silky locks, braids are the best choice to keep them healthy, protected and intact. From pretty waterfall braids to French braids and rope braids, the world of hair art has innumerable options to keep you looking chic stand out in the crowd. So here we are to make your entry into braid world oh-so-smooth!


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