WOW: “The Empty Train”

“What? Is there ever an empty train in the world?” “What’s an empty train?” If this is what’s going on in your mind, you’re not alone in your doubts! That’s completely understandable. Finding a train which is devoid of people will make you think you have landed in a completely alternate dimension, especially if you live in the metro cities of India. And as always, we ask you to think of the impossible, and write about an empty train this weekend.


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WOW: “She opened a blank notebook”

Long after you’re done with schooling, a blank notebook can give you the same thrill. The feel of the clean page, the scent of a book, and the anticipation of touching your pen to the paper. It is a feeling second to none. A page can be anything you want it to be. It is like a lock waiting to be opened. Does it contain a story, waiting to be told? A new beginning, an attempt to forget the past? Or perhaps it contains a secret, one that should never be revealed.


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WOW: “Flowers At The Door”

Imagine, there is a sudden knock on your door. You open it, and there are flowers on your doorstep. A single rose or a bouquet of flowers, it doesn’t matter – the effect is the same; it brings a smile to your face. There are few things in life that immediately perk up your mood, and getting flowers is definitely one of them. This weekend, borrow some of the beauty of these flowers and write a fragrant blog post for us!


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The BlogAdda Weekly: The Pet Project – Part 2

Something’s Fishy

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. This is the mantra that fishes teach us. They are pets who need the least maintenance, but they give us feelings of calm and quiet when we look at them. We think fishes just eat and swim about in their tanks. But we chanced upon a fish tank recently, and thought that the occupants of the tank have a ringside view of life! So this week’s The BlogAdda Weekly attempts to view things from the point of view of these water dwellers. That’s right, the second installment of the The BlogAdda Weekly: The Pet Project takes you for a dive into water and into the world of fishes. Last week, we looked at a day in Lilo’s life. If you haven’t read it yet, take a look at Part 1 here.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: A Sex Scandal, NaMo, and Jio

Monday means another edition of Buzzing Blogosphere is here to give you an update of what happened last week. This week was very happening in terms of news. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an in depth interview about his policies, two other politicians were left red in the face due to their words and actions, while there was a Bharat Bandh going on. In addition to these, The canonization of Mother Teresa made news, the much awaited teaser of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil released, as did the movie, Akira. So, now that you see what we meant by high news volume, let’s just dive in shall we.


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Learn to Harness Technology at Social Media Week Mumbai 2016!

R SQUARE Consulting will be hosting Social Media Week Mumbai, a week long event taking place at the Hyatt Regency and Todi Mill Social from September 12th to 16th, 2016. The theme of the event will be “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology (and How We Can Harness It For Good)”. It will feature a plenitude of speakers on a variety of topics focusing on taming the changing tides of technology. BlogAdda is proud to be the blogging partner of Social Media Week Mumbai.

Social Media Week Mumbai Blogpost

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