Winner Announcement: #MaxFreshMove Phase 3

Dance while you can, because when you do so, happiness and celebration push through the doors to enter your life! This is going to be one of our favourite winner announcements as it is full of DANCE! We had given bloggers a chance to showcase their dancing skills with the help of #MaxFreshMove’s Phase 3 activity. The BlogAdda team enjoyed watching your videos and we almost danced along and even tried to mimic your fantastic moves to the song! We were thrilled about the contest and now we’re equally enthusiastic to declare the winners!


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Winner Announcement: What’s your secret to freshness? #MaxFreshMove contest

We had previously asked our bloggers to share their playlist filled with freshness for MaxFreshMove contest. Who knew this would mean we’d have a playlist makeover for our music system at BlogAdda! Yes, the bloggers did a fantastic job and we loved it all! We also loved the mash up of dance moves from the #MaxFreshMove video to joyous moments in life. You guys really are talented and an extremely happy bunch!

Colgate MaxFreshMove contest winner announcement

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Winner Announcement: Ariel #ShareTheLoad activity

We had asked bloggers to write blog posts on sharing domestic responsibilities at home in Ariel #ShareTheLoad activity. This was an Ariel and BlogAdda initiative to bring awareness and show that home where the burden is divided is a happier home! Don’t you agree? Well, so did these following bloggers to have won the contest! Here are the winners, we’re so proud!

Winner Announcement: Ariel #ShareTheLoad activity

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WOW – ‘A simple hello can lead to…’

Have you ever thought about how you met someone for the first time? And how it has turned out for you now? They say when you connect with another person you usually connect with the universe. Because, every human being bears the universe within themselves. Now that’s a bit heavy, but it is true we all connect differently with everyone. This makes our lives more interesting as we pass by. So this weekend, tell us what would a simple hello lead to? drop in an awesome blog post loaded with creativity.

Creative writing prompts - A Simple Hello

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WOW – ‘I was inspired to follow my dreams’

How many times do you think of quitting the conventional way of life and following your dreams? It is only when we accept our dreams that we start to follow them. Taking that first step towards something we desire is always the hardest. It takes a lot of faith, motivation and of course, inspiration! Inspiration is drawn from different sources, but what is done with it is what counts the most. This week’s WOW is all about that! Take these creative writing prompts to explore your thought process even better.

WOW creative writing prompts

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Spicy Saturday: September 5, 2015

Spicy Saturday

The Spicy Saturday is back and the first thing you need to do is to check if you have registered for WIN15. If not, check out our super agenda and get your #WIN15 tickets NOW! Check out the Referral Code System to earn cash backs and discounts. You can also walk in free at WIN ’15 if you can tell us how do you #CelebrateBlogging in an awesome blog post. Get talking about woman power and you can win passes for India Today Woman Summit 2015.

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