Xpressions 2019 – Fest By XIMB

Xpressions, the annual fest of XIMB, is scheduled to take place from 8th to 10th November 2019. The three-day extravaganza is one of the biggest Management-Cultural fests of eastern India and the students are all geared up to make this a utopian event.

Xpressions 2019 - Annual Cultural Fest By XIMB

Hosting a gamut of events that serve as a whetstone of creativity, Xpressions 2019 aims to provide an ideal platform for business school students across the nation to prove their mettle in their area of expertise be it performing arts or business intellect. It offers it’s guest one of a kind experience, by concocting a heady cocktail of the most innovative business simulation games and the most fascinating cultural events, as a refreshing change from their hectic everyday schedules. 

Here are the events that are scheduled to make Xpressions eventful and memorable. At the heart of any management, fest lies its business events and Xpressions 2019 brings an assortment of competitions to test the business acumen of the participants. The business events include, the flagship event, Jack of All Trades (a National-Level Case Study and Simulation Game competition), Maven (a National-Level Case Study Competition, organized by Constrat: the Consulting and Strategy Association of XIMB), Inquizzitive (a Flagship Quizzing Competition, organized by XQuizzite, the Knowledge and Quizzing Committee of XIMB), MPower (a Marketing based business event, organized by MAXIM, Marketing Association of XIMB), Case Connect (a National-Level Case Study Competition), Nirnay (Online Simulation Game, organized by X-Ops, the Operations Committee of XIMB), Trade Wars (a Trading Simulation Game, X-Fin, the Finance Association of XIMB), Vakritva (an SRC and SpeakUp featured event), Vriddhi (a CSR Action Plan Competition), XIMBMUN (UN Simulation Competition by SpeakUp, the Oratory Club of XIMB), Resonance (an interactive resource simulation game), Ad Valorem (an entrepreneurial game by X-Seed, the Entrepreneurship Cell of XIMB), Aarohan (an operations themed case study by X-Ops), Finasco (a finance case study challenge by X-Fin).

The excitement is seen in the students who are eagerly waiting for the competitions to start. Some of the competitions have already opened their forms for registrations and huge numbers are pouring in, from across B-Schools in India.

But it’s not all business at Xpressions. Besides all the serious case competitions, the students also engage in a multitude of cultural competitions organized on all three days and showcase their creative talents. Decibelz, the War of Bands, keeps the crowd enthralled by performing rock music. Goonj, the solo singing competition, and Thirkan, the dance competition brings out the best in participants. Aaghaz, the Nukkad Natak event which happens on the streets, shows some real emotions, leaving the crowd touched. Carnival De Vogue, the Fashion Show competition, judges the team on their walk, creativity, elegance and overall performance. Other events include Paint@XIMB (The Painting Competition), Pratibimb (The Face Painting Competition), Viraasat (Classical Competition), Flights of Fancy (a literary event), MAXIM Mela (Marketing Research Event), Final Cut (a short film making competition organized by IlluminatiX, the Media and PR Cell of XIMB), Lensation (the photography event), and Vakritva (Extempore Oratory competition).

These cultural and business events foster the soul of Xpressions giving a platform to the leaders of tomorrow to showcase their ability to take on formidable challenges today.

Last year Xpressions witnessed the scintillating performance by Sunidhi Chauhan, which was much awaited by not just the XIMB fraternity but the whole of Bhubaneswar. It was a starry night, adding yet another feather to the cap of all the previous glorious Xpressions. To astound everyone again, this year XIMB promises a two-fold entertainment package. XIMB awaits to host Kumar Varun, to tickle the funny bones of the audience in the stand-up comedy act in Comedy Adda, and Mika Singh for the live performance on Celeblitz, the Celebrity Night. Just 7 more days left for the grand event to enthral the city of Bhubaneswar. The energy is high, and it seems that the waves of excitement are going to cause tremors unwitnessed in Bhubaneswar. 

Registration for the fest can be done on the website: https://www.ximbxpressions.com Members of BlogAdda interested to attend write to us at bavity@blogadda.com

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