BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 30, ’12

Spicy SaturdayHow to generate titles for your blog posts when you blog in a small focussed niche? What blogging tips would you give to a person who wants to start a blog? Queries on food blogging. These are some of the things that our bloggers are discussing at our Conversations. Why don’t you join them or start one of your own this weekend? Do not forget reading the Spicy Saturday Posts.

    • Who: Haem Roy
      What: Wedding blurs
      Spicy: This post deserves to be right on the top for the way Haem has crafted it. Beautifully composed and whatay finale. Read.

    • Who: @labellagorda
      Spicy: @labellagorda as she is fondly known on twitter has this post on the tribal trends for fashionistas. You get to see warrior princesses and many others in this post.

    • Who: Sai Krishna Vadlamudi
      What: The Lesser Struggle – Sai Krishna Vadlamudi
      Spicy: Sai Krishna Vadlamudi writes on a young student who sees corruption in the college and then joins politics to save the country. What happens and how it happens, read in this post.

    • Who: Amrita Thavrani
      What: A Drenched Secret
      Spicy: She had a dad, two moms, one donkey and one brother. I don’t remember how she looked, but she was beautiful I believe. is how Amrita starts off this post. What lies ahead? Read and find out.

    • Who: Rum in tea cups
      What: Across.
      Spicy: Isn’t it an awesome feeling to read a very well composed poem? This poem proves it.

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