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Here’s a treat for all people who love poetry and compose them. ‘Ah! Poetry‘ is a book of 150 poems, written by 55 poets across India! It is up for review at your Adda! The poets say, “We all are different. We all are of varied hues nevertheless we joined in harmony and sparkled like a rainbow.” So are you ready to taste these different flavours of poems? Read more below.

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Overview of the Book

Poems written on paper napkins, baby-bottoms and post-its, poems stuck under refrigerator magnets and kohl-lined eyelashes, poems conjured up in dreams, conversations and boardrooms, poems written by bankers and literati and you and me, poems: rhymed and unrhymed and classical and contemporary, poems of all shapes and sizes; poems, just poems.

This anthology offers a great variety and some fresh perspectives of Indian poetry. The language is more modern than many poems that we find in more classical poetry written in India, and therefore gives enough reasons for the hope that not only Indian authors living abroad, but also young poets living in India have been emancipating themselves from the literary colonial past, (which is long overdue!). Many of these new authors favour the classical forms of rhyming poetry, which brings forth some nice examples, but also, quite sadly, reminded me of the old rule in poetry that meter is more important than simple rhymes. A number of authors dwell on the topic of love, which is inexhaustible and the ideal place to show your real emotions, but quiet difficult to manage when it comes to originality.

~ Frank Joussen, eminent poet from Germany.

“Original and marvelous piece of art. Straight from the heart. For me, it is astonishing and yet comforting to discover such anomaly amidst the chaotic life today. It is also a kind of reassurance to my belief in the omnipresent love and harmony which blossoms from a pure heart and a sharp mind. I’d love to blend some of these beautiful poems with my music, if I may. like finding rare pearls from ocean, this is bliss to the mind. A word paradise. :)”

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM, Artist.

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