BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 14, ’12

Spicy Saturday I can’t tell Sachin to “just hang in there.” Not when he’s in such glorious touch. Not ever. I can’t tell Dravid to improve his technique any further. That man is a walking-talking textbook of correct cricket, for heaven’s sake. Narayan Devanathan, in this nicely written piece tries to delve into MSD’s mind. There are more such amazing posts for you to read this weekend. Read them now!

    • Who : Shekhar Kapur
      What : Elizabeth and Paul
      Spicy : A very beautiful story of compassion is narrated by Shekhar Kapur. He narrates a real life anecdote, to her daughter Kaveri. Do read Shekhar’s story of pigeons Elizabeth and Paul. 🙂

    • Who : Sidin Vadukut
      What : Don’t make me put it up on eBay
      Spicy : Sidin is back from his hibernation mode, and whatay comeback! 🙂 He presents his views on the Lok Sabha election and writes Whatay’s Wishlist, of things he wants to see changing and progressing. He also wants the next government to buy him a Rolex Explorer. Go ahead to read more.

    • Who Soumik
      What : Bhaichung Bhutia – an honest tribute
      Spicy : Bhaichung Bhutia, the face of Indian Football, has announced his retirement. Soumik here pays a tribute to him, and tells us Bhaichung’s on field and off field achievements and attributes. He feels, Bhaichung’s real contribution to the game is yet to come, in his post retirement activities for the game. A very nice read. 🙂

    • Who : Anuradha Khanna
      What : How to help someone in train
      Spicy : Saket Gokhale’s efforts and presence of mind helped save a drunken woman, who could have been the next morning’s newspaper headlines. Read his post and follow what he did, if you face a similar situation. Save the helpline numbers in your phone. You never know when you, or your fellow commuter might need it. And indeed, notwithstanding a few rotten apples (which exist everywhere btw), these men in uniform are still Mumbai’s finest, says Saket. Also share this post with your family and friends, who regularly commute in trains.

    • Who : Crafty Shines
      What : No Title
      Spicy : One always shares a special bond with their grandmother/grandfather. They pamper you more than your parents, they play with you all the time and they fight with your parents for scolding you. It is always saddening to see them go away. CraftyShines’ grandmother left for heaven, and here she recollects the good memories that she spent with her Ammama. We hope God gives her strength to come to terms with her grief loss.

    • Who : Nivvedan Senthamilselvan
      What : Sexual Diversity, Our Blocked Minds And The Stereotypes
      Spicy : Youth Ki Awaaz debates over the sexual orientation and stereotypes that the society build. They discuss what is considered as “normal” and what defines as being a normal sexual preference. We are also educated with the difference between gender and sex in this post. Do read and share.

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